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Nearly time for a new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kaitlyn, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Ive had my brothers SV650 for a while now & its a great bike but I'm thinking of trading to something with lots more power.
    Ive been dreaming of a few bikes but I wanna see what would you suggest?

    Kaitlyn :cool:

  2. R1!

    it has one of the best 'to die for' silent killer look
  3. There's heaps and heaps of bikes out there with 'lots more power' than a SV650...

    It comes down to the type of riding you'll be doing.

    All Rounder - CB900
    Racing - CBR1000RR
    even more grunt? - CB1300

    ps. I'm Honda biased, maybe you should get a SV1000!
  4. Ive been thinking of a Racing Bike more than an all rounder cause I dont use my bike everyday but when I do I wish it had more power & fun than it does.
  5. It's a few months away but the Triumph Street Triple gets my vote.

    Only one year and one month 'til my upgrade. :LOL:

    EDIT: given your last post maybe the Daytona 675 instead :)
    hmm, not much quicker to 100km/h (3.32 seconds vs 3.44 seconds)
  6. This is my new baby


    Pick her up tomorrow!! You know you want one!! Its got flames and shit yo!!! :grin:
  7. That kawasaki is hot. i love the flames and I want it purely cause it has flames.....
  8. If you want a racing bike then prolly the CBR1000RR.
  9. SV1000, Honda Firestorm? Do you like the instant low down power on tap or do you like revving it out in gear and feeling the power coming on and on and on?
  10. I like revving & coming on & on & on :cool:
  11. Ahh this all sounds a bit suss. :grin:

    I just traded in my sv650 for a brand spanking new CBR1000RR. Picked it up on thursday, had the 1000k on it by Monday. Have it booked in for a service tomorrow, haven't been able to ride it all week :(

    I had a look at a few. Rather then repeating it all, here is a link to the thread I started. Seeing that you are in an identical situation, it might help.


    Good Luck
  12. Thanks Righty :)
  13. i have to agree
  14. Price range????? just to narrow it down a bit for everyone.

    But if your cashed up... 182hp, 312km/h at full noise.......power a plenty. Saw one at PS Elizabeth St.....nice

    Cheers Alex

  15. Im probably going to spending quite a bit & if I fall in love the price tag wont matter :p So price range... 10,000 to 15,000
  16. For that moneyish new......... fall in love with one of these and forget about the rest.

  17. Damn Alex okay u've definetly tempted me! :p
  18. [​IMG]

    one word, beautiful :grin:
  19. It definitely tempts me every morning I wake up and look out the front door. :p
  20. Is that in my price range Alex??? :p