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Nearly there after 30 years...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CDV013, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Just about to take my pre-learners course on the 19th out at Penrith and cannot wait after thinking about riding for way way too long. I'll be looking for a Kawasaki Ninja 300 (white) if anyone has any tips pointers or leads. Gotta say a big thanks to IamRamekin for his post which led me to NetRider and looking forward to some training with OzYoda and the masters.

  2. Welcome to the rest of your life
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  3. As another 'older' rider coming back into riding after 30 yrs welcome to wonderful world of riding. Learn your lessons well and have a ball. The good thing about older riders is one is fully aware that falling hurts and one is aware of ones own mortal limits. Wish you many happy days of riding and touring (and track days if you're so inclined). This forum has awesome amount of information (in the noob section) and some fantastic teachers from whose posts I have learnt so much
  4. Welcome to both of you.

    Bikes are a bit different now, you'll find :LOL: ..
  5. From a man that has a'95 Honda.....

    Welcome to something that gets in your blood, and stays..... Hmmmm, just like malaria.
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  6. Thanks guys.

    Heading out to get some gear today and cannot wait till next weekend to get on a bike.
  7. Some of have to ride on a budget

    I was more referring to the difference between my first bike (1974 RD 250) and what you can get today
  8. welcome aboard mate lots of good info here for us old noobs along with lots of fun sh!t too enjoy(y)