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Nearly taken out... again.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rb, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I was heading through a roundabout this morning, at a sensible speed (~40km/h I guess), when coming into the roundabout on my left I see a white sports-type car. I think it was some kind of toyota or nissan or something like that. Anyway, the guy was going too fast, it was obvious that he had no idea I was there, and he wasn't slowing down. :shock:
    If I'd kept going at the same pace he would have turned me into a hood ornament, there was no time to stop, so I just hit the throttle and managed to squeeze past about a meter or a bit more in front of his bumper. Even with me being right in front of him he showed no sign of slowing down! :evil:
    I'm just glad that I'd knocked the bike down into a low gear so I had the power to pull away in a hurry!

  2. You mean there's places where drivers actually do slow down for roundabouts normally, think I need to move. Around here the only rule of roundabouts seems to be that the largest and/or fastest vehicle goes first :evil:.
  3. damn,

    glad your able to post that.

    Not some pollie late for some polictical breakfast??? ~grins~
  4. Dude, its Canberra . . the mecca of roundabouts ! :LOL:

    Bet ya it was a Sprinter-Trueno or Silvia. He/She was in the middle of initial-drift . . he could not pull out or else it would not have looked sic !! :LOL:
    Its all got to do with the new movie out Fast & The Furious - Tokyo Drift !
    Drifters are out in force again !! :grin:
  5. I tend to stop before all roundabouts, no one knows how to use them anyway so its not like you can go on that
  6. Yeah, Canberra... The "road" we have is the short bit between the exit of one round-about and the start of the next ..... :cool:
    But really, with all that practice you'd think people might start to get some clue... or perhaps not.
  7. I almost always stop at round abouts. Too many drivers scare me when they speed up then brake at the last second, and you cant see enough usually to tell if its safe to go through anyway.
    Id rather get beeped at than run over.

    you know, if everyone obeyed the rules at a round about, (giving way to right) no one would ever go through one at all cos we would all be waiting for the other people to go. think about it.
  8. Only if everyone arrived at the same time!
  9. That is not what teh rules at rounderbout are...
    This is a comon misconception. The actual laws state that the first person onto the roundabout has right of way. so the law is much scarier than the reality.
  10. ... but a guy i know failed his queensland licence because they asked him what the round about sign ment and he said "round about ahead" but they said it ment "give way to right"
  11. Roundabout. Same shape as the Give Way sign. You are required to give way to traffic already on the roundabout. Previously the law was that you gave way to traffic on the right. As traffic can only travel clockwise, it is effectively the same thing. But is a problem when you encounter those drivers who enter a roundabout at too high a speed.

    Stratford, Vic.

    from http://www.hobbiesplus.com.au/signspotters/regulatory.htm
  12. And the roundabout rules start again....


    Same as everywhere else in Aus.

    Give way to traffic already on the roundabout
  13. Glad your still around and it was only a close call.ROUNDABOUTS-Statistically proven to be the most missused concept on the road.
  14. Yeah, I'm usually pretty careful about round abouts. I would have been fine on that one, but the car was coming in a lot quicker than he should have been. End result was that I couldn't see him approaching until I was already in the roundabout.

    In Canberra, there are plenty of big, double lane roundabouts on 80km/h roads. To get around those, you have to get on when there is a clear space to your right, and then hope that all the people at the next entrance will see you coming and wait for you before they pull into the roundabout. The little ones are easier, because you can generally check that it's clear, and then shoot through before any other cars get there.
  15. canberra roundabouts

    Which one was it?

    There's way too many roundabouts in this place where you have to just go and hope like heck that no one else is coming too quick.
  16. Hi Sonja, great to see another Canberra rider! Are you loving the frosty mornings?? :LOL:
    I was heading up Lonsdale St in Braddon, and it was the intersection with Elouera St, where the car yard is.
  17. Oh, I know the one. Just before you hit TJ's.

    Yeah, the cold is shocking, but at least I don't have to be riding at 4:30am in it any more.

    I chickened out today (and was glad for it in some ways) and caught the bus.
    I can't wait to get my new jumper from my grandmother. She makes the best woollen jumpers and is going to make me a high-neck one just for the bike.
  18. No offence to anyone in particular, but anyone entering a roundabout so fast they cannot slow to a stop before entering the roundabout is asking to eventually be run down.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. No offence taken, but have a look at some large roundabouts. Stopping before these will just get you run up the backside by some driver who's looking at traffic on the roundabout, and not what's in front of them.
    Likewise for small roundabouts, if someone is approaching so fast that they are out of sight when you enter the roundabout, but get near you when you are in it, what are you to do? Just do whatever it takes to get out of the way is my approach.
  20. Common judgement can generally indicate whether or not a vehicle is going to slow or not. I always give myself ample time to view oncoming roundabout traffic, in case of previously explained idiots.
    If they don't feel like slowing, they soon have me chucking a 360/270/180 degrees turn at round abouts following their asses down the road.... funny..... they seldomly have little to say when I pull up beside their window shortly after..... ;-)