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Nearly T-Boned...by a pedestrian!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by mark59, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Minor issue but just looking for any tips on anything more I could be doing to keep safe.

    60 kph dual lane road. Right lane stopped, left lane clear as a bell for 500 metres up to a parked car. I travel down the left lane at about 50 kph. I am mindful of drivers on my right busting out into the left lane looking for a chance to get ahead. I keep to the left track of the left lane looking out for cars entering. I am also looking to the left for cars backing out of driveways.

    A pedestrian appears between the stopped cars in the right lane. He is running, looking straight ahead, not looking to the left towards me.

    Keeps on coming. I do a quick bit of maths and calculate he and I will be sharing the same spot in about three seconds. At this time I seek divine intervention (or words to that effect). Apply the brakes of the scoot and look to the possibility of heading to the right to get in the small gap that may be there between the stopped cars and his body - if such a gap actually opens up.

    The disc/drum combination on the TGB 101R 150 does its thing. Not the most progressive use of brakes I've made but, apart from a little fishtailing at the rear, they do not lock up.

    The happy jogger keeps on coming, not looking to the left and somehow I get between him and the cars without him even realizing I was there I reckon. On reflection I was glad he didn't see me otherwise he would have stopped dead in his tracks for sure.

    Whew. I guess I would have improved the safety of this scenario by traveling at 30kph despite the road ahead being clear for quite a distance. I certainly will be more aware of this possibility next time I pass a stationery lane of cars, to the left or right.

    Any other advice, tips, chastisements?

    many thanks!

  2. You probably could have got him if you stuck your left boot out.
  3. Doesn't your horn work?

    Always give them a blast!
  4. Nope.

    ^ this.

    Mark think of pedestrians as a cager who is squidding and it all becomes clear.
    ...and if you can take a mirror off when they're in their car, imagine what you can take off when they're out of it :D
  5. Hey guys,

    many thanks for your words of wisdom. Very insightful and constructive indeed!!! :rofl:

    BTW, it was choice between honking him or trying to slow enough not to kill him by using the back and front brakes of the scooter. Honking with the left hand never really entered my mind - too busy squeezing!

    I've now dumped Waiora Road from my route - back to B-Doubles on the Greensborough Superhighway for this little scoot!

    Amazing really - I have had no end of trouble on just that accursed bit of tarmac. Started off with stationery 4WDs leaping out and hitting my OEM "Dumbo" mirrors as I innocently filtered past - changed them to some short chrome ones - can only see my elbows but the X5s have stopped honking me.

    Then a nice old gent in a Getz thought he would massage my leg with his front fender as I filtered through. Apparently filtering is wrong, nasty and down right naughty and it immediately paints a bulls eye on you for every vigilante cager.

    Then yesterday the Kamakazi runner. Sheesh!!!

    Ya just gotta love it - or take the bus!