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Nearly Sqaushed by my First Semi

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BlueRex, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. I had the pleasure today of a Semi trying to push me out of my lane this morning coming over the Westgate!

    Mind you he was apologetic when i hit the horn to remind him that i would prefer not to be under his back wheels :)
  2. umm, road position!!!!.....
    If you can't see their mirrors, they can't see you.
    Where you overtaking him...or was he overtaking you?
    Who was in front first?
    I always consider my position on the road, when I enter a nice left hand sweeper, I'm on the right hand lane and when I'm on a right hander I position myself in the left...to give on coming traffic a heads up just that milli second earlier that I am there.
    The earlier you are seen, the safer you are.
  3. I was Passsing!!!....

    I could see his mirrors, he just wasn't looking.
    I always consider my position on the road too as i want to stay alive for a little longer.
  4. Hey Snowball, big semi vs motorbike... I'm sure you could have taken him on, go the underdog.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. Glad to hear that you used your horn to good effect...
  6. haha i will remember that next time :D
  7. So you could see his face in the mirrors, and he STILL moved over??


    Makes me glad I don't live in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. We don't get big semis in the same numbers.
  8. Hi snowball,
    The Problem with the West Gate Bridge is not only the number of trucks it the ammount of friggin speed camera's.
    I doesn't give you many options!
    You could speed past and pay the price of a fine or drop your speed off.
    It sounds like you were in no man's land (figure of speech, not ment to be sexist)
    Let me put it like this: cars can't see cars, Trucks can't see cars what makes you think that any of them can see you!
    Never assume anything and always prepare for the worst and always have a alternate exit from danger!

  9. I remember some thread a while back about a similar issue......
    same deal as we riders think all cagers should learn to ride then they will know how it is in the real world for us motorcyclists.....
    same deal with trucks, until you have driven one and know how difficult it can be, you have no idea of what its like.
    All you riders get out there and get a truck license, then you won't have the problem again, cos you'll know how it is for the truckie and not put you or him in that position.
    You get where I'm coming from :wink:
    And YES...I can drive a truck....I spent the better part of 14 years travelling this wonderful country by truck.
  10. Ummmm. you misunderstood my post.
    I suggest you learn to drive a truck, not him learn to ride a bike. :LOL:
    I'm not having a go at you, just pointing out that we all make mistakes, and he surely was appologetic , so its just one of those things.
  11. Yeah i realised i misunderstood after i pressed on submit :)

  12. ummm..what happened to the post in between mine.... spooky, its disappeared!
  13. the guy i bought my 2nd bike from told me he has a long ride to work and he lane splits at over 100ks between semis going 100ks.

    i figured it would only be a matter of time before he got squashed so i returned to the shop a year later for a visit.

    the guys looked at each other and one of them said, oh his sick today.

    i returned a month later and they said he was on holiday. 'when is he coming back?' i asked

    'ahh, we don't know'

    i suspect he may have died and their reason for not telling me would be because i am a customer and it's in their best interest to encourage me to continue riding. whatever the case, i decided not to keep bugging them for a straight answer.
  14. Yeah it can be hard. No matter how careful you are with road position you can still get squashed if drivers dont look before moving. I guess all you can do is spend as little time as possible in their "danger zone" and just get past them into the open space as quickly as you can. Of cause throw in traffic and thats easier said then done. It is a fact of life that for a short amount of time in every overtaking manouver you are going to be in a drivers blind spot for a brief time and if the driver decides to move then, you are in trouble.

    Bottom line, i guess you will never totally eliminate this from happening, all you can do is try and minimise it.

    Good work on getting out of it unscathed.
  15. I was gonna say you weren't passing him fast enough, but then I saw you have a VTR250. Great bike, but not the quickest accelerator. I used to be ok on my old spada though, but then again, it depends on how much you weigh on those bikes too.

    It's about timing the pass properly, and doing it as quickly as possible. You should see me overtake someone on the ninja. As soon as I can't see their face in their mirror, I get the hell out of the blind spot space, and right up to where they can see me without mirrors. I don't care if I break a speed law momentarily while I do it, because it's safer that way. It must look strange, cause I jump ahead, and then just continue cruising a little faster than the rest of the traffic.
  16. I try to do that most of the time when i pass. I try to either be behind them or in front never next to them.

    Thanks for all the advice.