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Nearly run off the road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, May 11, 2010.

  1. Was riding home last night, a little later than usual. I try to ride home earlier simply to avoid the rush hour, but got caught up in it.

    In the left hand lane, doing 60. Cars in right hand lane were all lining up to get into a right turn lane a little further up. Car flicks on indicator and turns at the same time right into me. I lock it up, do a little bit of a wobble, keep it upright.

    I catch up to the guy, knock on his window. We stop, and I tell him that he didn't indicate and he didn't look. He said he did. We repeat the exchange. I tell him he nearly run me off the road, and we move off.

    Guy obviously believes he did nothing wrong, but I looked at the video. I was not riding particularly more quickly that the other traffic, and I was buffering. He just didn't look. Two flashes of an indicator while you change lane is NOT indicating. ****ing prick nearly had me in the hospital.
  2. It happens all the time...

    Try peak hour each morning and night, I'm often on the horn or already speeding up or braking. You start to learn how to see it coming.

    How long you been riding for?
  3. Welcome to motorcycling
  4. Exactly
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    10 months now. I see this kind of thing all the time but usually I can predict what they're going to do, and I get out of the way.

    Here is the video of it:-


    There was no warning. Just twitch left + indicator. I'm just lucky I reacted in time.
  6. You did a great job of keeping that upright, not much room to play with thats for sure.

    I'm not surpised he was in denial though, I'd say 1 in 10 drivers admit when they are wrong
  7. Yep, happens all the time. Suck it up and learn from it. It's part of the rich tapestry of what we call motorcycling. Head checks are useless if there's nothing inside the head that's doing the checking!!
  8. Yeah for sure. I'm not whinging. I wouldn't have signed up for a motorcycle license if I wasn't willing to deal with all the shit that it entails.

    But, that shouldn't stop me from having a vent when it happens, right? :) I mean, thats what this forum is about, sharing our experiences and near misses. Hopefully someone else can look at the video and take something away from that, even if it's just "shit happens, deal with it" :)
  9. Vent allowed, carry on. (Nice video).

    That said when you see stopped traffic coming up, expect idiocy. (Maybe the word "stopped" is redundant in that sentence?)
  10. nice job on keeping it up right.....btw what camera are you using?
  11. For sure. You are entitled to be angry. :)
  12. good evasive action dude. you didnt have much to play with.
  13. If you weren't speeding, I'd take it to the cops.
  14. It's interesting.... did you have an inkling that car was going to turn into your lane??.... on the clip, you seem to slow down just as you reach that particular car... then he blinks twice and turns into you!!...

  15. And what do you think they will do?
  16. Thanks. Its a ContourHD, the 720p model. There is a 1080p model out, but I think the normal HD one is good value. Bought it on Amazon, and had it shipped to a mate in the US, who shipped it on to me. At the time the exchange rate meant I saved about 30% off the price.

    I wasn't speeding, but I'm not sure what they'd say or if it's even worth it. Maybe neg driving?

    Yeah. I saw the car ahead of him put the indicator on to turn right at that side street before the main intersection. I don't like passing quickly on the left for this exact reason, and I think it was mainly the reduction in speed that allowed me to avoid a collision.

    My biggest complaint with car drivers is they rarely indicate for very long before they turn or merge.

    Also. I hate concrete roads. Traction on those things suck.
  17. Emmachissit?
  18. $385USD for

    1 x ContourHD
    1 x ContourHD extra battery
    1 x 16GB microSDHC Sandisk memory card
    1 x ContourHD Car Charger

    At the time I think that was something like $500AUD. Shipping was maybe $15, not sure. To get all that here was probably another $200AUD. This was 6 months ago.
  19. Looks like you did a good job at staying alive! Good quality video too.
  20. In the video, if you look ahead (where you should be looking!) you can see cars in front of the driver slowing down, to me that says "lane change".