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Nearly rear-ended, plus red light question

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by titus, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. This one's a near miss.

    Coming home yesterday along St George's Road Northcote, approaching the intersection (used to be a roundabout) at Merri Parade/Charles Street. The first set of lights is a pedestrian crossing about 50m before the intersection, I'm in the right hand lane, and rolling to a stop at the white line for a red light .
    Here a streetview grab:

    I don't even remember seeing it. I think I reacted before I even identified what was happening, but I accelerated across the white line and to the right, over the gutter and onto the pedestrian walkway. A split second later a silver Commodore comes sliding sideways along the road where I had been a second before. stopping just slightly over the white line. Faaark. That coulda put me in orbit.

    So yeah, no damage. Didn't like the angry look on the driver's face so got outta there ASAP when light turned green.

    Now there is no red light camera at this set of lights, but I got to wondering - if I had to do this (cross the white line to avoid a rear-ender) and a red light camera did get me but NOT the approaching car - what would my chances be of claiming self-preservation as a defense? Assuming I didn't continue right through the intersection of course. Opinions based on experience particularly welcomed.
  2. I would think you chances are good. A red light Camera generally takes successive shots so it would show:
    1: You had not continued through the lights.
    2: The Commodore had crossed after you.

    Glad you survived, chalk up one for watching mirrors when stopping in traffic.
  3. Plus one. No ticket issued if you do didn't cross the intersection.
  4. Ha ha Way to use the force Titus.
    What you did without thought was brilliant. In the situation I don't think you could have done better even with time to think about it.
    Is there a road conditions have changed sign anywhere around there. Should be for a while before and after they do alter the road.
    That is the worst marked pedestrian crossing I have seen. Everyone's focus will be on the second intersection. Or they will be transfixed with moving over like those arrows want them too. Road safety pfffht lol. Luv how they have merge arrows but an unbroken white line, then lights. Another intersection.
    A smart plod could make a few grand in a few hours just sitting there..no camera
  5. I'm glad I didn't think, or I might not be here :shock: This was the closest one for quite a while.

    I reckon that you're right about everyone focusing on the second set of lights - I was doing that myself for a couple of seconds. The guy behind me would have gone straight through the pedestrian light if I hadn't stopped in his path. A pedestrian would have had no chance.

    The intersection changed more than 6 months ago. Fooled me at first, probably fools everyone who is unfamiliar.

    I knew there was no camera right here, my question was a general one for camera locations. Thinking about it, the cameras are usually set back far enough to show the approaching vehicles. So the lesson is, if you're about to get nailed, GTF out of the way and don't worry about cameras!
  6. ha ha yup
  7. "Didn't like the angry look on the driver's face so got outta there ASAP when light turned green."

    what has he got to be angry about?! i would have parked my bike on the pedestrian part you ended up and gone up to his window to give him a piece of my mind
  8. Angry because he fvcked up and embarrassed himself in front of a whole lot of onlookers, I guess. Maybe because he never intended to stop for the red?

    Doesn't matter, I'm too old for that street fighting malarky, and I've learned the hard way not to argue with someone's two tonnes of self esteem. I just split the hell of of there.