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Nearly looked like a massive tool!!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by slik50, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    This is all my fault, but I thought it might give someone a laugh. I was riding my bike around the Cotter Loop in Canberra with the Mrs on the back when I came across a large bunch of cyclists.

    There were at least 30 of them blocking the road in one direction up a hill. I slowed right down to 30km/h and tooted the horn hoping they would move aside only to get the finger from the one with the big lycra clad @rse.

    Anyway I decided to cross to the wrong side of the road to get past and revved the bike to show my displeasure.

    Well I was a little overzealous and the next thing I know I'm looking at the sky, roll off, touch the rear brake and now I can see the road again.

    The Mrs had slipped backwards only to be saved by my rack, then when the front wheel came down she cannoned into my back sending my nuts hard into the tank. She gave me no sympathy because my back protector mashed her boobs quite badly =D>

    If it looked as unco as it felt I'm sure the cyclists would have been giggling. Anyway at least we did not fall off in front of such a large group of people.

    Anyway, live and learn :angel:


  2. bahahahahahahaha...............you meant to do that right
  3. Hahaha nice one. Something to be said for the extra weight on the back when you goose it.

    Ive nothing against cyclists, but here i was hoping you cleaned up the big arsed one.
    Nothing worse then cyclists intentionally blocking the road riding 2 or 3 abrest.
    I dont mind it if its for good reason, eg giving parked cars a wider berth... or just about to turn, or anything unavoidable or to make things safer... but just riding like that and blocking the road for no good reason... that bugs me :p.
  4. Re: Nearly (OK Probably) looked like a massive tool!!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with cyclists. You always come across them on those roads.

    I am quite patient if they are riding in a group of 3 or 4 and they move to the left once they realise I'm coming.

    This was like riding up behind a stage of the TDF (although with a much larger average BMI).

    This was one of those ones where it's funny now, but I realise I just took a bit out of my bag of luck and put it into the bag of experience.

  5. Yeah I'm with you Messy.
    I like to give them any space I can so as not to wiz past too closely and give someone a heart-attack, and I can understand that if you are 3 astride going up a hill it's not all that easy to just go pull over since you are probably doing some hard work.

    But when some asshat lycra hero gets in my face like he's someone special and gives me the smugs...I endevour to put them back into the rightful place in the pecking order.
    Dunno where that IS exactly, but it's NOT above me.

    No offence to the 80% of cyclists that are just trying to ride their ride and share a bit of the black stuff with the rest of us.
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    Here's a trick for someone with a small bike. As you're on a small bike, chances are you will be holding it near the red. I had a twin 250, and although it was only a 250, it made a fair bit of noise when on the go. Well that's the idea, keep it near the red and make lots of noise so that they hear you coming. From a long way back. Given that you are making lots of noise, it sounds like you're on a mission. It gives them an option. Bloody well move over or get cleaned up. It's amazing how often you will come upon groups of cyclists tucked up against the side of the road.

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  7. Might just steal a horn from my vessel for the port entry. If you can hear it 2km around... then it ought to make them move :D.

    Of course, i would probably deafen myself.
  8. Agreed, the lycra brigade are dickheads (well excluding those who do the right thing). I think you will struggle to find a more aggressive specimen anywhere on the road systems.

    A a bicycle user myself, there is a basic rule, do what you want as long as it doesn't affect anyone else. When you are under pedal power - there is a hell of a lot of incentive to run a red with no traffic rather than having to stop - especially if it is uphill.

    But this business of riding 5 abreast and abusing anyone else who wishes to use that 75% side of the road is what shits me.
  9. just sit behind them with the horn going for a few K's.
  10. I think most of us started out riding push bikes, so we have some idea what the issues are. It's not easy being moderate and reasonable when your pulse is over 150 and you're panting like a steam train, and some fat dick in a car with a big engine and an auto 'box starts beeping at you.

    That said, the formation lycra brigade includes some of the most belligerent, self-righteous, arrogant, obnoxious people I've ever encountered on the road.
  11. Or just ride right infront of them with high revs to gas them :)

    It would be nice to see them drop off one by one from carbon monoxide poisoning 8-[
  12. Unfortunately unleaded is useless for that... now if you were on a 2 stroke ;-)
  13. You mean unleaded doesn't produce CO and CO2?

  14. not to the same level as Leaded petrol did, add in a cat-converter and the CO emission should be negligible.

    Using Leaded petroleum, the CO levels are higher due to the fact you cannot use a cat-converter because of the lead.
  15. You win, I'm no chemist... :-(
  16. Im on a cbr250rr with a loud as hell yoshi pipe. Always drop it back a gear so they know Im coming past. Its such a relief not having to change langes to get past these buggers like when Im in my ute. My dream though is back wheel past a pack on my kx250 2 stroke which needs the muffler re packed :D
  17. Why all this hate directed at cyclists? All think you're all being so unfair.