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Nearly hit from behind

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Flylo, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. I was riding to work yesterday when I pulled up at a red light that had been red for at least 3 seconds, when a car that was following me came flying past me through the red light. The car was in my lane and had to quickly change lanes because it had no chance of pulling up without hitting me. The car was stuck at the next set of lights when I pulled up beside them to abuse them, only to notice the young woman was using her mobile phone with her head burried in it. As usual, she couldn't car less that she came close to hitting me and continued on her merry way, while still using her phone. I just hope she doesn't kill anyone before she learns what she was doing was dangerous...

  2. I wouldn't shed one tear if she was to write herself off [and no one else] in the process of said stupid activity. Drivers like her are a menace to everyone else and deserve no tolerance nor sympathy.
  3. gopro people in cages on the phone and their number plate then dob them in.
    The life you save might be your own
  4. since Im sitting a lil' higher than your average bear............ I noticed three seperate instances of texting while driving in heavy traffic last week, the worst being some silly little dollybird actually holding her mobile down in her lap while it was in her bag........so you know her eyes were nowhere near lookin' at the fcuking road :(
  5. problem there is the ticket must state time and location which are hard to do unless your pillion is manning the cam
    i see at least 10 a day at work (mon-fri). some don't even notice the 9m long 3m high truck they're about to drive under. all are either texting or holding their phone to the ear and don't move their head at all while merging onto a 100km/h motorway. i'm waiting for the day i'm pinned in position by a bigger truck and have no choice but to put a car through the wall.....
  6. I'm on the road for most of the day, and would say I see at least 10 drivers a day, mainly young/middle aged woman (just my observation), texting/playing on mobiles. If I was a cop, I would make a fortune for the government, and maybe prevent someone from having and accident and killing themselves and/or someone else....but who in their right mind would be a cop.
  7. Makes you wonder what people did before mobiles doesn't it?

    Mankind appears to have evolved to a point where individuals must remain in constant electronic contact with each other or die... socially. Obviously, not all people engage in this practice (texting whilst driving), it seems that this is reserved for the people who are in the early part of their driving career.
  8. It will take them having an accident to learn.
  9. Hey John. Glad she did not scrape your new RR.
    Karma is a funny thing. It might take a while but it always catches the fools in the end. Ask any plod or Firey how many mobiles they find on the floor of the cars that have been in a fatal crash. It's just a joke, but not very funny.
    Glad you did not get caught up in it.
  10. Because I definitely wasn't stuck in traffic yesterday behind a man in his mid 30s-40s in a mini cooper constantly playing with his phone and not looking at what was happening in front of him. Couldn't filter round the bastard cos the car in front of him was to the far right and he was in the far left of the lane...

    (I know that it could have easily been sarcastic, but I didn't get that vibe from the quote)
  11. Rolled cigarettes, and used their knees to steer......

    Oh you mean how did people communicate before mobiles.
  12. I'm glad too Brett. I'm just relieved she looked up in time to swerve around me. I wouldn't be fussed about losing the bike (insurance will cover that), regardless if it was the RR or the postie bike, just happy she didn't put me in the hospital, or worse....She was doing more than 60 so it would have been a hard hit. I just hope Karma doesn't include another person.