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Nearly had my foot run over...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pat Moloney, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Was on my way to work this morning, I'm learning that in Sydney if your slow leaving the lights and haven't fully blocked the cars in they will go for it.

    Got woken up fairly sharp ish this morning when my foot got a rub of some tyre wall.

    I know i should have been awake and gone as soon as the lights change but it was 6am. Running me over isn't nice first thing in the morning.
  2. welcome to civilisation.....i dont care what time it is - pull ya head in n pay attention....i dont want a cbr 600 and someone's gotta ride it so we need you here....alive.:p
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  3. I guess you were filtering? If you don't go hard off the lights you are just pushing in, so pay attention.
  4. Agree. When you ride/drive that's where your focus is 100% of the time. Most especially in city traffic...Other than that, have a good one...

    Kobo :cool:
  5. So, you had to tell us you were half asleep and 'almost' had you foot run over...
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  6. Can I suggest that you wake up before you get on the bike.
  7. Ok thanks for the kicking I get the point.

    Though I'm amazed everyone here is wide awake and bushy tailed at 5:30 on their ride to work and have never day-dreamed or been slow off the mark....
  8. The cage wouldn't have known where your foot was, you can't really blame them. Which is why you are getting a kicking here.
  9. Can't afford to be less than bright eyed and bushy tailed in traffic.
  10. I will ride when I'm not 100%, so i won't fault you for being tired. My problem is you filtered to the front when you knew you weren't switched on. If I can't be arsed watching the light and the intersection like a hawk then I sit in line.

    It's a bad look, especially now when we are almost getting filtering legalised for drivers to get stuck behind a rider day dreaming.
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  11. slow off the mark today, drifting into the next lane tomorrow, and not seeing the car in front has stopped in your path next week.

    think about it, yeah?
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  12. I had my the edge of my foot run over once. Wow, how dumb did I feel? Pretty sure we've all done that. Shit happens, move on.
  13. Get a taller bike so your feet don't stick out so far?
  14. Quack.
  15. Everyone here is fully switched on, always 100%, always on race mode, and never in the wrong........B/S

    If you keep dozing off going to work, try wearing MX boots, your foot has a better chance of surviving being run over by a small car................
  16. It was quite a weird experience for me when a car's wheel went over the edge of my boot. It didn't hurt in the slightest, I was just aware of it and it was a bit strange. I knew it happened because I had positioned myself badly due to my own strange ducks-waddle foot pose but still it was weird. Nothing to do with "dozing" and I don't quite know where that's come from in this thread... It can happen at any time of day if you're badly positioned between lanes or at the edge of a lane.
  17. Actually, from someone who used to stick his foot under car tires for a joke a small car (or a large one for that matter) won't do you any harm. Minibusses start to hurt and I'd avoid flatbed tracks, though...

  18. Ive always been curious how it would feel like...............but always end up chickening out :(.

    And im guessing avoid tracked heavy machinery and tanks at all costs hehhe.............no amount of foot protection will save your foot.
  19. You can turn your feet inwards so that they sit under the bike, it is not as stable but at least you won't get your foot run over. Good for lane splitting buses/trucks (not that I think that is a good idea).
  20. Visor up, big wheelie out of your driveway. That should do the trick.
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