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Nearly got whiped out..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by UDLOSE, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Nearly got wiped out..

    I've been riding for years now and come across bad situations all the time but it goes with the territory and usually theres a way out of it. I've had one other what I'd class as seriously close call before but i learnt something from it. This time was sheer terror because there's nothing i could have done differently!

    I left my house, got to the small single lane roundabout at the top of the hill (about 800m away so still got cold tyres and still being liberal on the throttle as the bike isn't fully up to temp). I stopped at the roundabout to give way to a car on my right. There was a car on oposite side waiting to go straight (ie has to give way to me). My gf was behind me on her bike too. I moved into the roundabout blinker on at that point the car was still waiting. I leaned over into the roundabout and as I was about to pass him he started moving.. I thought oh yeh it's one of those wankers that likes to try and give bikes a scare - thats normal for blacktown. I look over my shoulder 'hes still moving!', so i cracked on the throttle as hard as i felt i could in the situation and looked back 'holey f*** he's still coming!!! :eek:' I'm still on the throttle but prepare to be clipped in the tail. Amazingly he missed me, I jump straight on the rear brake and lock it ready to turn around. The f*cker then comes to a complete stop in the roundabout and he's in shock cowering behind the wheel. My gf who was following me had to ebrake it and came within inches of hitting him (because he parked it mid roundabout) then she nearly dropped her bike. He was yelling out 'I'm so sorry' and giving the 'sorry wave' and I scream out 'watch where the f*ck your going!!'. I took off and then pulled the best damn power wheelie I've ever done :grin:. I stopped at the servo and I was actually shaking, my heart was pounding for the next 45 minutes.

    The funny thing was I wasn't mad at him but I wanted to get off my bike and punch a random object as hard as I could. I'm not a violent person at all, I don't think I've ever felt that urge before.

    So there you go, almost got flatened... For the record the driver was a young indian guy, didn't notice a p plate but he probably was one. He must have thought I was going straight, but my blinker was on (they are stock btw). I would have thought that the lean angle would have been a bit of an indication too. On the same roundabout the week before some f*cker honked their horn at me as I went through, presumably he thought that I was going straight too (I was aware of that this time too). I don't know what the hell I can do in future other than completly avoid that intersection..
  2. I thought this was going to be a thread about bondage or something. :grin:
  3. LOL! oops.
  4. Maybe he was a tourist :) who didnt do a license exam for his holiday here :)

    Main thing is both of you are okay
  5. Too many Idiots out on the Road with 4 wheels etc...Everytime Im out & about I see it..Not a Ride without someone being Stupid! behind the Wheel..
  6. Re: Nearly got wiped out..

    I could friggin slap the amount of tools that 'forget' the give way to roundabout traffic rule. Good to see ur both ok.

    I would have been off the bike to discuss....
  7. The 'Hulk smash!' urge is just the adrenaline doing it's thing. It's a normal urge and it's good to see you recognised it without feeling like you had to act on it.

    And yeah, hypervigilance good...
  8. Re: Nearly got wiped out..

    Yeh I can't understand it myself. ](*,)

    I hate how stupiditity has become perfectly acceptable nowdays.

    Anyone who's excuse is 'Didn't see..', 'didn't know...', 'forgot to...' should get the f*ck off the road indefinitley.