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Featured Nearly got squished on the way to work

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by weetdix, May 18, 2015.

  1. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I didn't notice the car until it was right up close as I was focused on the Ute in front.

    Also I get that some people are blind but come on, I doubt I was obscured by the A pillar.

  2. HFS, time for some new undies?
  3. Did you tear her a new one?
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  4. I'm in urban/city rarely, so seeing that I feel like I'd be tempted to chase and abuse. But I know this kind of stuff happens so often, you'd waste a lot of time running around after wannabe killers! Anyway, glad that the idiot driver failed in his/her attempt to hit you.
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  5. There's not a way in the world that driver wasn't trying to force you off the road. Definitely saw you, lined you up and went for you. I'm not usually for involving police but they really ought to see that one.
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  6. Besides that they indicated and merged across on a solid line.
  7. Two things. The person wasn't trying to kill anyone. They were trying to merge into a gap that the rider was closing up. Some courtesy goes a long way on the road and goes both ways. Second stop threatening to take things to police, we all know most of you are all talk (this not directed at OP). Prove me wrong Take it to the police and see if they do anything. Finally I can pick at least one thing the rider did after the merge that is also considered illegal.
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  8. They just don't bloody look. There is no way you were "out of their line of vision", they were coming up on you to over take you and pull in. They were either too caught up in their own little bubble world to even think of what is outside of their vehicle to care or as titus stated and to be honest its exactly what was going on, they saw you and directly tried to push you off the road to get passed. I had two cars pull out of side streets yesterday without slowing down or looking, to say it gave me the Tom Tits would be a vast understatement, so I can only imagine your frustration.
  9. Id be interested in knowing what this is as I'm not seeing what the OP did wrong.
  10. Watch the mirror. The car is never seen, which means it was holding level for a long time. I doubt very much this was intentional. It was as SMIDSY as SMIDSY get. My next points are in no way saying you're to blame for the incident because it was clearly the drivers error. But try to avoid hovering next to someone for so long. Move forward or backwards.
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  11. Don't agree with that, to me it appears the driver was level with or slightly back from the front of the bike and just purely didn't look. Next time I hope it's a semi trailer the dickhead cuts off.
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  12. Agree with the consensus, looks like a just another oblivious driver who's not aware of their surroundings and who isn't doing proper head or mirror checks. Common with Camry/Corolla drivers.
    Good to hear another car behind was on the ball and jumped on the horn.
  13. Changed lanes in the middle of the intersection....

    Simply case of ignorance on the cagers part. Indicator was on for all of a half second as well, just another case of 'can't drive'.
  14. Where is it written that changing lanes in an intersetion is illegal?
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  15. Preferably forward. You'd imagine that next to the window would be the most visible. Not if they don't bother looking though.
    I reckon the OP did all the right things and more (didn't rage). Can't please everyone when you ride.
  16. +1
  17. I don't think it's illegal. Just probably not recommended as there aren't usually lines and the higher probability of pedestrians in that area make it rather risky
  18. I don't think the driver was trying to kill me, they were simply oblivious.
    I got a look a them further up the road and it was some lady in a hijab who was being told off by her passenger. I noticed that she didnt try to apologize just kept her eyes fixed ahead.

    The car was initially in my blind spot but I should have been visible to them. They simply pulled along side and drifted into me. I didn't react quicker because I was recalling an incident as a kid where a motorcycle cop was killed on the F4 by logs falling off a ute. I was imagining what would happen to me if shit fell off the ute in front. If you look at the speedo I'm just puttering along fairly slowly keeping my distance.

    I'm unsure about legality of changing lanes in an intersection, you can see me do a headcheck and initiate the lane change before the intersection but yeah :/
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  19. I'll retract the illegal thing. But if a lane is solid line up to the intersection it is illegal to change lanes. I re watched the video was broken up to intersection and solid after. I thought on first viewing it was solid both sides
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  20. You could well have been obscured. Owing to being small, I have to be doubly careful when driving our little car as even side mirrors obscure my vision of whole cars especially in round abouts.
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