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Nearly got rear ended

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by revz, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. #1 revz, Aug 14, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2015
    Was coming home today evening along Alexandra av towards city. As I was going through the bit where all the car parking is I saw pedestrians trying to cross the road through one of the pedestrians crossing. So obviously I slowed down to a stop to let them pass while vigilantly checking my rear mirror to make sure the car behind was slowing down as well. Then just as I was about to take off I heard a huge bang behind me and I knew someone was rear ended. Looking back it was the car behind me that got rear ended and looking at the damage on the bumper and hood of the car who rear ended the car behind me, it was probably a good 20-30kph at the time of impact. I was probably lucky that I didn't get hit at all. If the guy who rear ended the car behind me didn't manage to see a car(a mid sized SUV), what were the odds of him being able to see me if I was in front of him? Or maybe even worse what were the odds of him seeing the pedestrians crossing the road ... Although I always thought filtering was safer regardless others say, this really opened my eyes.

  2. Some people are just incapable of texting and slowing down at the same time. Shocking really.
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  3. Probably texting about how bad his day was .... well it just got worse
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  4. I travel along that stretch most days to & from work and I'm always wary of those crossings, cause of this very reason.

    Glad your Ok
  5. Makes the old ticker giddyup doesn't revzrevz
    Glad you dodged a bullet there.
    Dickwad was probably texting...pfaffing around doing anything but observing the road...usual modus operandi for way too many drivers!
    Checking the mirrors is vital I know but just out of interest, did you position yourself so you could escape in a hurry if it went pearshaped?
    I always stay in first, ready to drop the cluth and get the hell out...This is what I have always been told and try to do.
  6. OldmaidOldmaid you can't just randomly go around mowing down pedestrians and blaming it on the poor bugger behind texting that didn't actually hit you
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  7. Well there wasn't a car in front of me so front was clear other than the pedestrians. It happened just when I was about to take off so naturally I wasn't looking in the mirrors when it happened. When I was coming to a stop I checked my mirrors to make sure the car behind me was slowing down and stopping.
  8. Revz, I'm so glad to hear that you and your bike are both OK.
    I got rear ended 3 months ago, bike write off and still a sore shoulder.
    The amazing thing is that the drivers can never see the traffic ahead - so I wonder how their license doesn't have the endorsement to always drive with a Labrador in the passenger's seat.
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  9. Yeah......... do an OldmaidOldmaid !!! Go for it I say ;)
  10. Would want a dirt bike for that as I would be going through 'Rough terrain' 3:)
  11. Happy you are all good Mathew (y).
  12. Glad to hear you are ok.

    The other day in the wet traffic came to stop on Nepean Hwy I stopped but the lady in the car behind me did not see the traffic and locked up coming towards me.

    I had to get off the brakes and move forward but it was bloody close some tradies were crossing the road just where it happened and said I was one lucky man.

    Then one of them threw a few words to the lady as they cross the road...she looked pretty freaked out.

    Lesson learnt always check behind.
  13. Goose ! Don't be obtuse please Sir :)
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  14. Glad you are ok revz, more stories for this noob to absorb.

    So now I'm wondering, what's the accepted approach for positioning at such places? On the right hand wheel track or between lanes as if you were filtering? The can of worms is awaiting your replies :)
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  15. Na raw meat to the rabid pack more like it... :woot:
  16. gonna learns you a lesson on this next time I sees you mate
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  17. Lecture me on how I should've dropped the bike and immediately give the girl who got rear ended a hug and comfort her? =D
  18. don't forget her phone number dude
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  19. I did try but once I mentioned I knew you she ran away ....
  20. DUDE ive told you
    never mention uncle greg