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nearly got killed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ksystemz, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. On my way to work going hume wy at liverpool , i was in the first lan which later on leads into another road turning left , guy with his van drinking coffee while driving suddenly cuts into my lan not seeing me , i was up the sid of him going into the gutter part. * did my emergency break* and skiddded and the guy drove off and hit a red light.

    i started screaming and swearing at him for him to tell me it was my fault!

    too many nice people on the road today
  2. That's when you should use his mirrors. He has them for a reason. :wink: :LOL:
  3. no doubt you'll encounter more of this whilst riding. another notch to the belt of experience.

    was this on the scoot or the postie?
  4. yeah on the skoot or postie?

    i find i have w*ankers overtaking me even if i am doing the limit.

    and when the do overtake they cut straught back into the lane dangerously.
  5. when riding in peak hour it's hard to avoid but at all other times aim to ride in front or behind cars, not beside them, in the year + i've been riding i've only been pushed out of my lane two or three times because i try to always follow this rule.

    glad to head you didn't bin the bike :)
  6. each morning i get the same story with melb drivers happy to move between lanes to 'filter' past turning cars and trams. they dont look, indicate or anything, just go. anyway i've got them on my mind so i know to look out for it always!
    hey - i'm glad you had the gutter part to stop in, and not parked cars or massive kerb!
  7. Golden life saving advice slyfox. I too adhere to this rule, even if it requires you to accelerate or slow down, stay where they can't get you...
  8. Glad 2 hear ur okay mate... good old postie bike hey...oh the good old days!!!
  9. MMM....you are a contributor to that situation....never ever ride along side any vehicle...As another poster said - in front or behind...in "traffic" at the very worst ride on the front quarter panels/ahead of the front windows....

    BTW - that situation where something a bit more powerful than a postie would have been useful....

    Yes the van should have looked more carefully...but you have picked up some valuable experience too taht will save your life in the future...

  10. was on the scoot , now i cant ride when there are 3 lanes of traffic , it scares the crap outta me..

    The thing was he was in the wrong lane as he needed to turn left he was beside me so he cut into my lane without looking
  11. Rubbish you're a contributor.
    In heavy traffic you're obviously going to have to overtake or undertake another vehicle eventually.
    Which means you have to PASS that vehicle, which means for a second or so you will be beside the vehicle.
    And other vehicles are beside you as they pass, and have forgotten about you and the bike a second later.
    It's nigh impossible not to be beside another vehicle frequently if you ride in heavy traffic.
    All you can do is be careful and as aware as possible.
    In winter the cold, rain and mist/fog makes everything twice as dangerous.
    Many car drivers have windows fogged up on the inside because they have the heater turned up also.
    And who knows if a more powerful bike would have got the lad out of trouble...more power could simply have put him in even a worse postion.
    He used his brakes correctly and stopped.
    I don't see any need to post up these "What you should have done" comments.
    He's out there riding in heavy traffic, in the winter, in the rain.
    That's a lot more than many "riding experts" do.
  12. good to hear your alright mate
    next time you get acused for being your fualt rip his mirrors off his car and chuck it at the fukc ing prick
    and tell him to use it
  13. i would have been seriously hurt if he did hit me, just lucky for that day
  14. Thats the best rule i've been told and it's probably saved me from being merged into more than the twice that it's happened.
    Always try to get out of the blind spot as quickly as possible and make the driver very aware of you're presence.
  15. Hear hear Jaq. About time this fact was entered into the equation.
  16. ksystems. if you are due to do your P plates test, go book in asap.

    in the p plates day they talk about rider awareness, where you should be in a particular situation to minimise the risk.

    now they dont particularly mention this but i know because i use to own one myself but van's tadesmens vans often dont have windows on the left mid side or rear left side like yoru regular family van and as such have a high blind spot, in some cases these can be company vehicles and driven by different drivers and the mirrors are not adjusted.

    the same can be said for trucks and 4wd.
  17. Mate.....you need to think about that - the only true blameless accident is when a jet engine falls off a plane and lands on you. Other than that - you contributed. That is why in every single court ruling no party is ever blamed 100% - it simply is not possible.

    So far as that second (and it is done well it is more like half a second) when you do pass a vehicle you can make sure you have maximum distance between you and the vehicle, you are in a gear and at a point in the rev range that will get you out of there fast, and you have thought through an escape route.

    Haven't been hit, or come off, or hit anything in 20 years of road riding...but when I do - I will have contributed. Something I could have done at some point could have avoided the situation or consequences.

  18. Go easy jdm.

    Sure, he probably contributed, but geez, give him a break.

    The moron in the van should have looked first. They never do. That makes it his fault (for the most part). Realistically, all he could have done was not be on the scooter at that time.

    I live in Canberra, and the traffic here is atrocious. Like everyone else has said, I try to ride ahead or behind, but that's not always possible, particularly in heavy traffic.

    ksystemz, I'm glad you're alright. I've had similar myself.
  19. Yeah. After Dawn Champions famous video (and remember this is a professional instructor who came 3rd in her 1st ever race and who teaches advanced riding in traffic techniques) she found a lot of people giving advice on how they would dodge it.

    And it was worthless advice. I could have dodged that accident. Stayed in bed that day or gone home another way. But as it evolved no one was dodging it. Mostly you can dodge em. Not always. You are often vulnerable enough that if someone really wants to hit you they will be able too. Its why motorcycle cops are limited in the pursuits they are allowed to take.

    Sometimes the sods can hit you. And sometimes they can scare you. Anything that winds up with you only scared means you probably did something right.

    Some motorcyclist have to feel everything is dodgable. They are 99 % right of course.

    Just my opinion tho.
  20. I don't really agree with the contributing to accidents line. Second guessing the "what iff's" of every dickhead on the road is something that we have to do sometimes but it dosen't take away from the fact that other drivers etc "should" be able to drive in a safe manner without running over things like Motorcycles for instance.

    If some tosser does the old "SMIDSY" and merges into my lane then I'll make every effort to get out of wankers way but in no way did I contribute to him not looking properly except by being there and I don't think thats enough to appoint a portion of blame.


    You have learnt a valuable lesson which didn't get you killed etc so best thing is to just learn from it and compensate for other drivers lack of skill/commonsense/concerntration etc (whatever you want to call it).

    Here is my list of vehicles to pay particular attention to:

    Trady utes/vans - probably being driven with a sasuage roll in hand :roll:
    Soccer Mum 4WD - full of kids very clean, big wheels etc
    Buses - Think they own the road,
    Taxis - Ditto above,
    Cars with young girls / guys in it - probably talking and don't know what day it is,
    Semis - Ditto for taxis and busses,
    Doof Doof cars - ditto for young people,
    Rice Burners - ditto,
    Any car etc with cushions on the shelf "Beware!" lol
    As you can see it's pretty much everybody :p (I'm sure I've missed some!) :LOL: