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Nearly got killed on my way to work today/Road rage incident

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by gussteinberger, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone. The whole situation is over now, and I've already reported it to the police, but I'd just like to hear your thoughts about it and if there is anything else I could have done to avoid it, or any other step I should take now.

    I live in Sydney, in the northern beaches area and for a few years now, I have been commuting to work in the city every day. Because my everyday commute involves several stretches of stationary traffic, I've got a scooter that I ride to work everyday and save the Kwasaki for weekend rides or to commute on nice and sunny days during school holidays.

    This morning, as usual, I was lane filtering through stationary traffic (I always do that in a very sensible speed, exactly to avoid annoying or scaring car drivers), when a guy in a silver Porsche 911 carrera S convertible apparently got annoyed by the fact that I was progressing through traffic on my cheap scooter while he was stuck in traffic in his expensive sportscar. As I was approaching him, he decided to bring justice to the world and moved his car closer to the car next to him, closing the corridor between traffic. Such a situation has happened to me before (and I'm sure it will happen again) so I just ignored him and happily moved my light scooter around his car, as I tried to reproduce in the drawing below:


    As I was passing in front of him, he slowly moved forward, gently touching the side of my scooter with his front bumper. Again, I ignored the guy as I though it wouldn't be worth arguing with such a stupid person, so I kept going my way.

    Once I got to the Warringah Freeway, the Porsche suddenly comes flying past me, pulls in front of me and brakes hard! F&%! How can I outbrake a Porsche on a scooter (or on any other bike)??! Just as I was going to rear end him, I released the brakes and managed to swerve to his left, but then he saw me next to him and threw his car against me forcing me to rapidly change lanes all the way to the left most lane, trying to force me off the road. At that point, I realised it was something personal against me and all I wanted to do was to move away from him as fast as I could.

    As I was about to run off the road, I braked hard and moved to the right, from behind him, but I couldn't accelerate past him (the kwaki would have done it, although at higher speeds the whole thing would have become even more dangerous). I was now on his right and again he did the same move, this time forcing me to change lanes to the right until we reached the guard rail. Again, I braked hard, but this time I completely stopped, right next to the guard rail, thinking that he would have to keep going due to all the traffic coming from behind us.

    The guy is a lunatic and stopped his car in front of me, completely blocking traffic on the right (therefore fastest) lane of the freeway. I saw on his mirrors that he was leaning to the passenger's seat, apparently grabbing something in his car and I got afraid he would come out and hit me with something, so I decided to take off and try to escape him again. We were stopped for just a few seconds.

    I took off suddently, moving to the next left lane without a head check (I know, very stupid!) and almost got hit by an approaching car that locked brakes to avoid me. The whole thing was out of control and I couldn't find a way to escape the Porsche, that came flying after me again, until we met heavy traffic, closer to the toll collection point, and I fled in between cars while he got stuck behind traffic.

    The whole thing was incredibly dangerous, with other cars braking and swerving to avoid us, while I was trying to avoid the porsche. I got to work completely shaken, a work mate helped me calm down and then I grabbed the phone and rang the police. The police officer took all the details, the full description of the car, and told me that unfortunately there isn't much they can do, as during that whole mess I didn't get the porsche's number plates (that was the least of my worries, while trying to get out of that situation alive).

    The whole thing lasted less than a minute and about 400m of road, but I got so scared that it seemed at least like five minutes and a couple of kilometres.

    What scaries me now, is the idea of that guy crossing my way again, recognising me and, without that I notice, decides to finish what he started today.
  2. :shock:

    Why don't you stake out the same location (minus your scooter and if its possible - I'm not familiar with the area) and see if you can see & ID him tomorrow - get his plates then. What an absolute #$%&*!!
  3. Good to hear your still upright, and it sounds like you have a lot more sensible thinking then myself. I sure-as-f&*^ would of liked a physical show down to this mess.

    Pity about not getting the plates, but can you contact the mob (whoever they are, council?) that monitor those CCTV camera's all over the freeways / tollway parts???

    My advice if your not looking for a fight, if you see him again, keep your distance in the traffic, get the rego, tell the same copper you reported it to and take it from there??

    Nice work and good luck...
  4. Man, that is some scary $h!t. I'm glad you weren't hurt and avoided the many situations of possible carnage that w@nker was trying to inflict upon you. From what you wrote, I don't know if you could have done anything other than the headcheck you missed. That guy deserves a bullet to the head - nothing more, nothing less. I'm afraid that's about the only way you'll avoid him doing that again. I know major roads usually have camera monitoring them. I don't know if the footage is recorded. Maybe that's worth chasing to get the law to come down on that jerk as heavily as it should.

    My incident this morning (was looking out for /expecting it so when it happened I kept going) is nothing compared to that. It was just the usual "change lanes without looking" thing. Keeping behind the back of that car in the adjacent lane ensured no trouble to me. You should have seen the expression on the driver's face after he swerved back (I saw it in the mirror)! I hung back and motioned for him to move in ahead of me after that.
  5. I wonder if you had have said "I had a guy come at me with a knife" would the cops response would have been as dismissive. What you have described is multiple cases of assault with a deadly weapon.
    Good to hear you came out of it O.K.
    I would suggest taking the ZZR and if you have a different jacket using that for a little while, and if you are lucky you may find mister psycho.
    BTW Even though the cops say they can not pursue things, I would get them to fill out the paper work. The only way that things change is if numbers are taken and paperwork is done.
  6. Thanks GoTeam. Yeah, I suggested the police officer to retrieve the CCTV footage of the incident, as I've noticed several cameras monitoring the Warringah Fwy. I gave them details of the location and time, let's hope they do.

    Sad to hear you had an incident as well. Traffic is getting really bad and drivers are starting to lose it. The best thing we can to is be courteous and try to avoid getting involved in such situations. Best of luck!
  7. {Considered moving this to the near miss forum, but it's actually more about road rage and rider tactics}

    Glad you didn't end up as mince meat. The porche driver might have ended up with a 9mm adjustment if he was in the U.S. ...and sounds like he might deserve it to!

    What do you think precipitated the altercation?
  8. Did you ring the cops and report a road-rage incident??

    I'd be ringing and reporting an attempted murder.
  9. I'm pretty sure it was the fact that I moved the scooter around his car after he blocked my way in traffic. It must have pissed him off to see that that didn't stop me from getting ahead of him.

    Although I disagree with it, next time I'm lane filtering and a car blocks my way, I'll just sit there and wait. The risk of another road rage incident is just not worth the time I'd be saving by moving my scooter around cars.

    Once I knew I was safe, all I could think of was my wife and newly born son. I'm considering not telling her about the incident, when I get home tonight.
  10. Good to hear you got out of there fine.

    Just wondering (don't know the road) was there anywhere that you could have pulled over / turned to another street etc to get away from him?

    Just to have a sit and clean the brown from your pants and get distance between you and him
  11. No, the whole incident happened on a Freeway, no where to stop or turn.

    That's the strecht of road where everything happened.

  12. The cops are generally reluctant to do anything without an eye witness to support the dangerous driving or assault with intent to cause injury type charges.

    I had a similar incident when I was a p plater... it's only in the last couple of years that I can think about the incident without my blood pressure going up and wanting to find and cave the smarmy drivers head in.

    The best response is to be the bigger man and simply get out of harms way.

    The problem with morons who are so incensed by some perceived sleight against them, is that they wouldn't see the error of their ways even if you stopped and caved their heads in.

    Discretion is the better part of valour.

    OP, have you seen this car before on your commute? If not, I reckon you'd be ok in future - keep your peepers peeled for a while though.
  13. +1.

    Submit the report.

    "This guy came at me with a knife, tried to stab me in the chest. I ran, but he came after me. After a couple of minutes of cat and mouse I managed to get away, but he would've killed me if he could have. I've got info for you to ID him by name and address, and there were lots of witnesses."

    Except the knife was a car, and the witnesses are numb to these occurances as they happen all the time. Changes everything, but it shouldn't.
  14. I had a bloke change direction and divert 40 miles out of his way to prove a point some years ago. Taught me that road rage isn't a good thing when you're on the end of it.
  15. Never!!! Fight for your right to Split!!! :twisted: :twisted:

    (then again your a responsible dad and i'm a 24yo single "I-live-for-splitting" type)...
  16. The police don't want to bother because it's not like anyone got hurt. Even if the witnesses would help how do you find them? Meanwhile the idiot drives off feeling like they lost a contest or something because they couldn't hold you up! Next time maybe they'll try a little harder. That's the scary part... for ALL road users.

    Make the report. Hopefully it shows up somewhere as a statistic that gets the cops taking these incidents as serious as they are.
  17. Glad to hear you're ok and alive - tho probably very shaken and shocked.

    Personally I'd take the Kwak for a couple of days and see if you can id the prick. Once you have his licence plate details (if you are sitting in traffic a quick mobile phone pic perhaps?) take it to the police and report it as attempted murder.
  18. See this is the problem it was at the least Assault with a deadly weapon, at most attempted murder.
    Except it was done with a car so people go with the perception that no one was hurt. But That F#$king Psycho in the Porsche is still out there.
  19. Scary incident but glad you got out ok to tell the story as it's a good one.

    It sounds like this Porsche guy had completely flipped out. Perhaps today his Porsche and house were being reposessed? Wife left him?

    I have done exactly the same thing as you a few times on the M2 but never on the street. I just ride around the left side and continue splitting to prove a point.

    I know full well the driver will be fuming when i do it (which makes it all the better). However if i know i can get past them AND the car in front i won't do it. IMO It is better to have a pi$$ed off person in front than a pi$$ed off person behind. That is my tip for you for next time :wink:
  20. Re: Nearly got killed on my way to work today/Road rage inci

    Psycho's don't generally get Carrera's - they're more your Boxster kinda drivers....who knows what kind of start to the day he'd had, no excuse for chasing you - unless hi smissus had just taken off with a biker,,,,,

    Seriously though, where'd the split take place? Burnt Creek or Mlitary Rd??

    Leave for work early, park in one of the side streets and get his details - cops should at least pay him a visit - or hang with the Transit Lane cops and point him out - that would surely get his attention :p