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Nearly got blown off the bike yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by listek, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Went on a ride with my wife on the back of the bike and while it was a bit windy on the back roads we were on out near Sutton and Gunning yesterday it wasn't too bad, the main issue was just that the roads were really boring to ride on - straight lines everywhere and no corners.

    However when we turned onto the freeway towards Yass, OMG the wind was blowing a gale. It was really gusty to and from the side so it would hit and blow us a metre sideways completely randomly. Needless to say it was an interesting experience, the bike was incredibly difficult to control. When we got off at a rest stop the wife told me it was the most scared she'd ever been in her life.

    It's not something I'd do given the choice but the only option was to drive up the ar$e of 4wd to break the wind a bit.

  2. I got blown in the car the other day...
  3. Not fun at all, I was sitting at the traffic lights two days ago and had to brace myself and the bike because gusts of wind were trying to push it over.
  4. with two of yuo you could have got blown ON your bike... geeze, work it out
  5. Bonk / OldBell, great (or dirty) minds think alike hey... I saw the thread title in the index and thought of a brilliant reply... but you two beat me to it... haha.
  6. gutters run parallel.
  7. listek




  8. I hate riding in the wind. People always ask me if riding in the rain is shitty, to which I say I dont actually mind the rain, but it's the wind that makes me uncomfortable.

    OldBell and bonk, go ahead and make a pun out of that one boys! :)
    Something along the lines of me liking getting wet but not blown?
  9. well ive never been blown on my bike but fark knows ive been wet
  10. Wind is awesome. It turns straights into twisties. I'm hoping to put a knee down in a cyclone.
  11. wind is gr8 fun but takes a while to get used to. I'm not sure how I'd feel with a pillion on the back, yet suppose half the fun OR terror may hav 2 do with how they pillion too :-k (u should take brownyy on the back & reasses....)

    as for u 3 naughty fella's... I'm laughing with u on this one, @ the least ya'll hav a point :LOL:
  12. well mins small enough just to be called a point. the question is, how or when did you see it ?..
  13. I saw a van get blown into the next lane on the highway. It looked like it was going to tip :shock:

    But yeah, if the wind hits you - just lean and try to stay in your lane.

  14. :worthlesspics:
  15. Wind is great fun, that's why I like my baked beans.
  16. Well I must admit I was pretty sure when I wrote the thread title the thread would be bound to go astray at some point....
  17. yes it can be a biatch though. i was heading through kanga valley once about 1##kmh into a left hander and wondered why everyone in front stopped leaning in and then realised as mother nature stood me upright also
  18. I had trouble riding back to the city from Werribee on Saturday night - veerryyyy windy! First time on the highway for me that day so it really freaked me out!
  19. Saturday was windy on the Eastern Fwy and Northern Ring Road. I was following someone on a nice looking newish KTM motard. We were both leaning over a little to keep going straight. Constant wind is ok but the strong wind gusts make you wake up! I avoided the freeways to get home and avoided most of the wind that way.