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Nearly gave it all away.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rahrox, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    About a month ago I went for my first ride on my Virago. I rode it up and down my court everything was fine. So the next day we went for a ride to Gisborne, thats when it all went pear shaped.

    Whilst riding to Gisborne the bike felt like it was losing power. I was not sure what gear I was in, I could have been doing 100km in 2nd for all I knew. the bike did not sound good at all. We never made it to Gisborne. Thankfully hubby was with me and helped me get home. We (more so me) thought I had screwed the bike completely. (bit of history- Before riding my Virago I was on a GN250. The GN had a thingy on it telling me what gear I was in, but there is not one on the Virago.)

    I felt shocking I was just starting to enjoying riding. Then we remembered the warranty on the bike had about 5weeks left on it. So we took it to the shop and I hoped and prayed to the Motorbike Gods(and any one else who would listen) that is was something wrong with the bike and not my terrible riding.

    Today we have heard that some how the nut on the tappets had come off and got into the engine. It will be claimed under the warranty!!!!!!

    I am still quite scared about getting back on it when we get it back. I think I will stick to my court until I can change gears better. I hope to go for my license soon as my Ls run out soon. If I fail I will renew my Ls again.

  2. I never think about what gear I'm in - I just listen to the bike. If you can't do it yet, you will soon enough. And if all else fails and you have the cash, you can buy a gadget that clips onto the bike and shows you what gear you're in.
  3. See, you're not crazy! I think it's always good news when a mechanic can give a nice definitive answer to a problem like that. Too many times I've heard the 'seems to be working fine' line from auto mechanics over the years.

    Don't let one little hiccup get you down, not when the good weather is just starting! Helloooooo sunshine!
  4. Rah, Sorry to hear about your little hiccup with the Virago. Dont Give up!!
    When you ge the bike back go out on it again and get that confidence back with it. It will take afew rides to get totally comfortable on the new bike after the old one. Same thing with me going from the CB to the ZXR. It will all come together and feel right in the end.
    When you get your bike back PM me and we can go out for another ride if you like. Greenrider.
  5. Take their advice dont be worried gear changing all comes natural. Listen to the revs. At least you did not push the bike when knew something was wrong. Ride safely
  6. Well that at least is a happy ending; believe me, it could have been much worse!

    Don't fret about your riding at this stage; in a month or two (or less) you'll go back and read this thread and think, "What was I making a fuss about??".

    It all comes with practice, and we've all (except the crazy ones) been in the same situation. Hang in there and enjoy it.