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Nearly fined for SMIDSY avoidance maneuver

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kernel, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. So I was putting down Stud Road today doing around the speed limit, practicing my SMIDSY avoidance maneuver for fun and because it could one day save my life. I see this cop car come up to my tail in my rear view mirrors and flash its lights. I have no idea what they're pulling me over for, I figure maybe I look suss to them and they're pulling me over for a random check. Turns out to be a real asshole of a cop.
    So I pull over, switch the bike off, take my helmet off and put it on my passenger peg.
    "What do you guys want?"
    "You got your license there mate?" (he sounds real pissed)
    "Uh yeah" I get my wallet out, get my license out, hand it to cop
    Copper gives my license to his partner and says
    "What the hell were you doing driving like an idiot, weaving all over your lane?" (yes he said 'driving')
    "Oh, um, just practicing my SMIDSY avoidance maneuver."
    "Practicing your SMIDSY avoidance maneuver. Oh please, spare me."
    He goes back to the car and gets my license back from his partner who looks kind of disappointed that nothing bad came up, he hands me back my license and says
    "I've had to pick up 2 motorcyclists off the road this past month. Dead. You keep on driving, stupidly like that and you'll be heading the same way. If we see you driving, er, riding doing stupid stuff like that again we're gonna write you out a handful of tickets."
    "Sorry mate".

    What an idiot and what an asshole.
    I really wish I would've given him a bit of what for, but I was way too nervous and I would've just ended up with a fine(s). Not that there's even a fine for weaving inside your lane. I would've liked to say "If I didn't practice my SMIDSY avoidance maneuver you'd be more likely to pick me up off the road dead."
  2. I understand Kernel, and he sounds like a tool, I had woppers not liking me weaving in my lane in the wet on a new bike so I could get a better feel for it.

    However, I now agree with an instructor I mentioned it too. The cops don't understand, so he suggested I find a place to do it that isn't a road. I found a large asphalt area out the back of a local woolies complex that next to no one uses - I use it for e-brakes and avoidance.

    Mmm, but I still weave in my lane, sometimes quite aggressively, but not as often.
  3. Can't say I'm surprised, well done for keeping your cool, definately saved you some bucks. I wonder how many drivers chatting on their mobiles went past while he was telling you how to :driver: your bike.
    The last one that gave me a lecture like that wouldn't have even been a glint in his father's eye when I started riding.....but lucky me! Now I know all about it after only a 5 minute talk from someone who thought my back brake was a bit soft when he pulled the clutch lever. ](*,)

  4. This guy must cover an awful lot of territory, there have only been 2 accidents involving fatalaties this past month, both no where near stud road.
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  5. Interesting that he knew what SMIDSY means... maybe it's getting through?
  6. you were riding a motorcycle in Dandenong and had no drugs for him to "consficate"
    wasted effort on his part
  7. In reality if you need your SMIDSY avoidance manoeuvre you've already stuffed up. Its about roadcraft and not getting in a position where you need it. Doesn't hurt to practice though.
    PS An advanced riding course isn't much more than the ticket you would have got.
  8. BAHAHAHA!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh dear!!! In his defence do you think maybe he was thinking about the few rare bikes that have it swapped over?

    Good on you for keeping your cool and being patient!
  9. I believe I did mention this already, but in Qld (and I'd imagine in other places) there is a specific offence called 'weaving in your lane' and they are entitled to pull you up for it and book you.
  10. Maybe the cop thought that you was riding pissed....
  11. You were doing the speed limit? :shock:
  12. You must have looked a real Gumby doing it .... lol sorry it was there and open ha ha I had to jump on it.
    If I am teaching someone in a car park they (the plod) will come in and check me over. Look at my license so forth. Like I am usually wearing a riding school shirt with INSTRUCTOR written on it. But they still do it.
    Seriously the road is no place to learn or practice an avoidance maneuver.
    The thing is they don't ride. So they don't understand. To them you look like an idiot just being on a bike. Then to be swerving around in the lane for no reason that they can see.
    They will find a rule you have broken in their false national road rules book. (what national road rules?) So arguing is useless. You did well.
    All in all I would be counting my lucky stars if I was you.
  13. Bit rogh on the policemans part

    what i dont like is the blatant lie about the fatalities

    I would have told him I was avoiding a sharp object on the road which could have caused my tire to be blown out and cause and accident
  14. I recall a newish rider weaving in his lane (to warm the tyres?) in Trentham getting pinged by the local plod.
  15. I swear someone once said they got done for Neg driving for swerving in lane. That is always a good catch all.

    But yeah cops don't like it so be careful where you do it.

    I once got told (by a motorcycle cop mind you) that my riding "made me too noticeable", what??? I thought that was good. I didn't argue just said yes sir I will not do that.
  16. I would have liked to have engaged that cop in a bit more discussion. Just why is weaving in a lane, something which is a standard training activity (slalom), being equated to being an idiot??

    He was slaloming the broken white line at the time though...
  17. thanks guys.
    It might have been year that he said, but I'm pretty sure he said month, he might've even said week.

    wasn't riding in Dandenong, was in scoresby.
    I don't agree - you should always use the SMIDSY avoidance no matter what whenever you pass a care that is waiting to turn out onto the rode you're travelling on, it could keep you out of trouble. Gotta be ready to dodge the idiots and have an escape route always planned if worse comes to worse though.
    *shrugs* didn't pull the breatho out

    Always wise to do the speed limit on a main road. Actually I thought they might've pulled me over for speeding since I wasn't really looking at my speedo.
    Good point rob, unfortunately I was just too nervous to say much and really didn't want to get fined (low income) so I mainly kept my mouth shut and copped his abuse.
  18. Hmm, I've been known to do that on the way home from Tuesday coffee. I can only sustain it at 60 Kph, but I can get up to 70+ Kph for a few hundred metres. They make the white lines too close together to go faster!

    Seriously, once I had my licence back in my hand, I would have loved to have a discussion with the cop about his riding experience.
  19. Good work at keeping your cool Kernel (y)

    I too am surprised the plod even know what SMIDSY means let alone giving you a "Oh please" type of response.

    BTW there were two motorcycle accidents over night - one double fatality on back roads and one rider down in Kew......FWIW
  20. Don't know about the other states. But up here in nanna land (QLD) we have TORUM.
    It's the Transport Operations Road Users Manual.
    You can download it off the net. For road rules it's the bible.
    It can be very entertaining getting pulled over when you know that manual well. It can also be very beneficial.
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