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Nearly Died (not as bad as it sounds)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by flea, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. I was riding home today along Mont Albert Rd in Canterbury and those that know it will be familiar with the fairly steep hill when it intersects with Balwyn Rd.

    I was cruising up the hill, increasing speed as the lights were still green. About 40 metres from the lights they turn orange, there's about 10 cars beside me wanting to turn right into Balwyn, not to mention a few cars in on coming traffic also wanting to turn right.

    So visibility was very low and the lights went orange early enough for me to stop, so what did I do..... kept going

    wasn't until I was in the middle of the intersection when I realised what a STUPID move that was. The lights were full blown RED and there's a 4 wheel drive next to me that seriously would have actually waited to see whether or not I was going to stop before continuing through the intersection.

    All I can say is if that 4 wheel drive either didn't see me or assumed I was going to stop then I'd probably be road kill right now.

    Just glad I didn't have to hurt myself before learning that lesson :)
    Guess thats why I'm still on my Learners
  2. You've made the first step though and that's realised you made a mistake. That means you can learn from it. We've all done things and gone 'aw shit, that was dumb'.
  3. Ditto on what cejay said. Glad you made it.
  4. arghhh!! damned server

    Glad all you got was a fright.

    Take a look into the December 3rd Toolangi HART instructed ride. it's only $33 and you learn a lot about road position roadcraft and even enjoy a day out with other like minded people. It's kinda like a practice session with the HART instructors only they take you on the road instead of riding round in circles.
  5. It is the best, but most dangerous, way to learn. My head checks became very good, even before I started riding, after I merged onto a freeway with only a casual glance and almost ploughed into a Feroza that was in behind the centre pillar. He slowed to avoid an accident and I always think of that every time I go to change lanes. It really highlighted a big flaw in the way I drove.

    You just hope that when you have these moments, fortune favours you and you live to ride another day.
  6. Thank God the other driver did the right thing Flea. :shock:

    Take care out there. :wink: