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nearly accident- roundabout

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by simonr23, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. at the start of a ride home tongiht, i went around a tightish roundabout in 1st gear and the rear tyre lost all grip, during the last 1/3 of the turn, just before i was going to exit. the tyre had so little grip, it wasnt too worrying- luckily.

    i'm pretty sure it was just my fault for leaning a bit too far and using 1st gear, whilst tyres were cold, rather than a dirty surface, as the front tyre had no issues. i put my foot down a bit as it happened, but didnt back off the throttle and it straightened up well.

    i think i was lucky that the tyre slipped 'easily' and also have a dirt bike background, so the sensation wasn't foreign.

    jsu thought i'd share.
  2. Eh, it will happen every so often, had the same thing on cold tyres recently.
  3. Well lucky it didnt slip from under you and didnt send u sliding along the ground.

    Cold tyres has effected me about twice before and usually at a corner which is near my house that i go around everyday. I always lean on the corner and do it fast, however the few times that my tyres have been cold the rear has slid out from under me and all i did was keep on the throttle and the bike corrected itself as i went around. Nothing major just thought id say it lol.
  4. I tend to use second gear for slow speed stuff,it doesn't feel as sensitive to throttle movements. You might have hit an oily patch..I hate that stuff.
  5. smart noob, exactly what you should do.
  6. Unless you are able to balance a bike on the rear brake, clutch and throttle, first is too "snatchy".

    Best to use 2nd gear, as you are correctly doing.

    Good lesson to any noobs out there.
  7. i would normally use 2nd too, just this time the roundabout was exactly at my take off point, and i just left it in 1st. my model bike(f4i) is jerky enough at the best of times in 1st, and a proper dog when cold (which it was)

    lesson learnt!
  8. Understood. I get a bit balls up in tight roundabouts from dead stop to.
    What I try to do, and not meaning to preach to the converted, is get going just enough, snick into second and ride the rear brake and clutch around it.
    Of course, it isn't possible every time, but that's aim.

    Relating this to a different post in the same section, ones slow speed control, is a skill that must be mastered.
    Just to state it generally...Apart from the obvious reasons, if you fall off your bike in the hills, generally people are sympathetic and assume something went wrong.

    Conversly, fall off your bike in a roundabout or a car park at 5 k's an hour in front of everyone, and they just think you're a farkwit and laugh their asses off.
  9. slow speed stuff is probably what i'm best at. i'm not a very brave rider. i don't like testing my limits on fast roads, but once i bought my first dirt bike 10 yrs ago and rode in trials (3-6hr off road rallies) i feel i have quite decent balance and bike control skills.

    as it happened i was thinking, "oh f$%^ off, don't crash like this" worse was, it was right infront of the cafe window, where alot of the gropu still were.
  10. Glad you kept it cool then :))

    As you prbably already knew, we can be experienced or good at something and still make a goose of ourselves. Been there myself more than I care to recall. :)
  11. Yup, if I'm still slow in the corner then some rear brake comes into play,it all depends on the corner and the conditions.