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Nearly a pant wetting moment.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by PhilC, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. So I went out for a little ride today, just a quick run up the Old Pac Hwy. Plenty of cops about, not many bikes. For the most part just having a bit of a cruise.

    Anyway, I got to that point on the Hwy where you run out of twisties, just as it crosses the Freeway and becomes a 70 zone. I pulled in where many a bike pulls in to take a break & turn round.

    I decide I'll empty the bladder before turning round and heading back for a bite at PITS. So I step over the barrier and start making for a likely looking tree.

    At this moment, the large branch on the path in front of me thinks "Oh f*ck! A human!" and immediately transforms into a snake a little over 2m long. It high tails it out of there as my mind gets up to speed with the situation... "Oh f*ck! A snake!" ... and I leap upwards, backwards, execute a pirouette and land back on the road side of the barrier.

    I went and pee'd elsewhere.
  2. Wonder which of you was more scared. :grin:
  3. poor snake :D
  4. Depending how far you got undressed, perhaps the snake thought the same thing? :LOL:
  5. It was a funny story but that just gave it the finishing touch. :LOL:
  6. sounds like the snake was intimidated by its rivalry snake :p
  7. If you had have gotten yours out the real snake would have died laughing.
  8. ^^


    got me on that 1 :p