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Near off

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by zxrno1, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. I was riding to work this morning ,along the westgate freeway, in very heavy traffic, it's a four lane freeway and I was in the second lane from the right.
    We were probably doing 20klmhr, I had a semi trailer beside me on the left and a commodore on the right. The commodore decides to change lanes, into my lane, at this time I am equal with his front guard, and the dual wheels of the truck to the left of me, No time for the horn it was evasive action toward the truck to stop being hit, then there was no where to go, either into his guard or under the truck, I think survival mode took over, I took my right hand off the throttle and belted his left hand door mirror, it was then he seen me and swerved back into his lane, then as I'm just about to let fly with some serious ranting he looks and says (with both hands jestering) "why did you do that"
    Well he had me gob smacked.
    I actually feel pretty lucky today to only have a sore hand.

  2. omfg!

    That has to be the definition of a numpty!
  3. Sorry to hear you had a near miss!.

    I had one a bit like yours today.... 2 lanes of traffic, left lane goes to the left.. right lane goes straight ahead...white unbroken line in the middle of them. I am in the right hand lane, going straight ahead... a 4wd (driven by a guy!) moves along side me on the left, then at the last minute indicates and moves nearly onto me (crossing the unbroken white line!). I break hard and wobble quite a bit, nearly lean onto side of the 4WD. I eyeball him in his right hand mirror and he sees me, but seems oblivious... then carries on moving over, I toot him.

    We stop at the set of lights ahead and I shout "you f*cking asshole".. he rolls up his wndow.... I shout "yeah, thats right.. roll your widow up you f*cking idiot".....

    I was frickin annoyed that even tho he did finaly see me, he still carried on moving over .

    It just seems nuts to me that having seen you, they still don't do the right thing!!....
  4. wow, i would have pooed my pants big time.

    and then probably have grabbed a big handfull and flung it at the conformodore.

    what a ********, hope you managed to put a dint in his door.
  5. people like these should be hung by their balls and shot.
    good to hear you came out of it safe.