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Near Miss!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. PHEW....Now that was close. I was just on my way into uni about 15 minutes ago when i nearly rear ended a ute. ok here's how it went....

    I was travelling in the left lane of a dual lane road (2 each way). I was travelling at about 60km/h. Infront of me by about 30 metres was a white holden ute and behind me i had a green's Bus :shock:. The car in front was travelling at 5 km/h under the limit and i was slowly making ground on him. In the right lane about 10-15 metres behind me was a light truck (think Daihatsu Hino). I decided to change lanes so i could continue along at the speed limit rather than 5 below and began to accelerate so that i would be well clear of the truck in the lane i was turning into as he was travelling slightly faster then me at present.

    Well this is when it turned bad. Just as i began accelerating the ute in front of me jammed on his brakes as the car he was tailgating broke late and decided to turn left. By now i was travelling at about ~65km/h and about to merge into the right lane. Well as you can imagine the ute in front of me was rapidly approaching. Not wanting to risk swerving the long way around him and hope i cleared him i decided to emergency brake.

    Due to him hitting the brakes HARD and much earlier than me, combined with me accelerating prior to registering HIS heavy braking and applying MY brakes, i was approaching his rear bumper VERY fast. I had only left home about 3 minutes ago aswell so my tyres were still cold. I broke as hard as i could until the tyre skipped alittle but realised i wasn't going to stop in time. In a split second i re-thought my plan of attack, eased off the brake a tiny fraction, swerved towards the gutter ( i was more left of my lane then right) and then fully re-applied my brakes.

    Well it finished with him stopped and me stopped BESIDE his car about level with the rear passenger door (dual cab ute). Needless to say i was alittle shaken but glad i had avoided the accident and not got target fixation of his rear bumper and rear ended him.

    My first seriously close call and hopefully my last for quite a while.

  2. Glad you were able to make it out and post this (so soon). *pat on back* mate
  3. $#% that sounds too close for comfort, glad your ok
  4. Yeah i am sitting at the computer labs at the uni where i work. I am supposed to be revising lecture material for my exam which start in 25 minutes but i was alittle shaken so typed this out instead. EXAMS here i come.
  5. Well done mate could have been nasty if you kept to your original move, it always good to know your brain still works in these situations :wink: instead of total panic
  6. Sounds close bud. Hope you had a change of underwear with you. Glad all is good.
  7. A near miss - the best learning experience a rider can get. :)
    Glad you're ok.
  8. Good to hear your ok and you didn't forget anything you had been taught :)

    Good luck with the exam too
  9. Good work on your rethink. Hope you have better luck with the exam !!!
  10. great quick thinking, sounds like you handled it really well, good work... I reckon i would have braked hard, closed my eyes and hoped for the best!! kidding!
    hope you're exam went well and you weren't to shaken...
  11. Shows how despite beft intentions a moment of perfectly human distraction an have you nearly boxed. Glad to hear you escaped in one piece.