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Near miss with Mans best friend

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by 99CIBBER, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Yo,

    I'm sitting here at my desk breathing a sigh of relief as I could have come a cropper yesterday. I was stopped at a set of lights at the corner of Goulding road and Lane Cove Road in Sydney, at the front of the queue waiting for the light to turn green. Light changes and I take off, giving the Cibber a good twist of the wrist I'm up to $1.00 in a few seconds. Aproaching the crest of Lane Cove Rd which is 3 lanes each way a massive dog bolts across from my right! Across 3 lanes of traffic coming the other way and then continuing to dash right across my lane a few metres in front of my wheel.

    I love dogs more than most people so I would have been guttered if the poor pooch had been injured in any way. By the time I had slowed down enough to check where he had gone a few dozen cars were up my ar$e so I had to continue on my way. Couldn't see a frantic owner anywhere in sight so I'm guessing the clever flea bag snuck out of his home for a bit of play time on the highway.

    Now this dog was huge. He lept the very wide median strip in a single bound I reckon! I hope he is ok. But Fvck me it was a close call. Just another hazzard to look out for. he he. (where were the kittens?) I wonder if you could make an insurance claim against the owner of a dog or pet if a motorcyclist got pwned by mans best friend on the loose???

    Anyone had a similar experience??

    Cheers! 99
  2. i do this run everyday down epping road > lane cove road and know the median strips you speak of.

    close call on that road was some dingo at the wheel of a new monaro trying to drift at speed through a 10 lane 4-way intersection, too much oversteer, ****ed up the correction and ended up skidding backwards onto the 3 metre wide grass median strip. He then eases is back onto the main road, then gives it a bootful again once he is straightened up and pointed in the right direction.

    luckily for him:
    *10 lanes of traffic were all stopped at a red light (i got the green just as he attempted his ******** manouever)
    *the 3 metre median strip existed, if not he would've T-boned some poor bastard waiting in the traffic queue
  3. mav, i saw that happen too, but it was raining, or had just stopped raining (wet roads). was that about a year ago?
  4. I'm pretty sure you can. If the owner carries home insurance, there's a good chance they would be covered for public liability type stuff.
  5. x 2.

    No different if you had a Bengal Tiger and it got out and ate all the kiddies.

    I'd be gutted too if I hurt a dog. Irresponsible owners of animals really pi55 me off.
  6. nah happened to me about a month ago, sun was shining, road was dry. it was one of those recent quite warm days if i remember correctly.

    but then again there are always accidents on that road...its a really tempting road to try stupid shit on.
  7. Nobody sued me when mine did :twisted:. That's the nice thing about large carnivores. They tend to eat the evidence :D.
  8. Bwahahahaha