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near miss with a street triple

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by sheeped, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Started closing on a guy with a GoPro and an orange street triple at about 6:45am on the ring road. We were both in the right of the 2 lanes, but I was obviously making much more progress than the other guy and after watching him for a minute or so I decided it was safe to pass him, after giving him enough time to realise I was there.
    I was a few seconds behind him then prepared to overtake but just as I was about to pass him he swerved towards me and I was forced to emergency brake.
    Isn't the first thing you do before you split/filter to check your mirrors for other bikes doing the same thing?
    I shat myself and ended up just cruising with traffic, at least the other guy did wave sorry when he passed me a little bit later.
    Hopefully he post's the video here somewhere ><

  2. Split/filter/change lanes etc etc, yes.
    Move over a little IN MY OWN LANE to, say, dodge a tar snake? Not usually...

    Overtaking in the same lane, another biker WHO YOU DO NOT KNOW, is a risky move in my book - I'd be waiting til the guy turned around and waved, or even signalled me to pass before attempting it.

    Are you sure he was waving "sorry", or could it have been "What the hell were you thinking?"?
  3. Yeah overtaking in the same lane is not cool. sorry dude..
  4. Absolutely NOT! This is usually the harley riders who do this.

    I move in my own lane without looking all the time, around holes in the road etc Its my lane, if you wanna pass change lanes.

    Recently i was sitting behind a car and preparing to over take. I looked behind me, checked ahead for on coming traffic one last time and some one on a bike passed me and the car in front at warp speed and it felt like we had a near miss to me. He went ahead of the car, popped it on the back wheel and proceeded to fly ahead and beyond.

    If it he didn't do that high speed wheelie to make me smile i might have been a bit pissed at being blasted like that, frightened the crap outa me at the time.
  5. should always do a wheelie when overtaking cars, so i don't see how overtaking another bike is any different
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  6. To be clear, it's a perfectly legal and safe move in certain circumstances, hence my deliberate CAPITAL CLARIFICATION below:
    There's a fair amount of trust implied in the move, which is why I rarely do it and ONLY with riders I know well - come to think of it, these riders will see me moving into position and give me a wave-through anyway, kinda proving my point...
  7. He obviously didn't know you were there (unless he was a kamikaze and decided to cut you out)-dumb move on your part
  8. he was in the right wheel track of the right lane and i was between the two lanes so he had heaps of room to avoid something on the road, i decided he wasn't going to split but i was wrong ><
  9. Hang on, so now you were both heading into a split and he just moved over without looking?
    That changes things. A little...
  10. Yeah i agree, its fine if they have obviously seen you and gesture or something to pass. But if not, how do you know they won't swerve round a pot hole or something when you're right near them?
  11. Ok so its 6 45, im guessing traffic is still fairly light on a motorway, which im assuming you were on as you said you were on a ring road.

    Why didnt you just overtake him in the left hand lane?

    Personally the only time i wouldnt crack the shits at a random overtaking me in my own lane is when im out in the country going hard and someone wants to go harder than me but cant overtake because of double whites or lack of vision, because in that case, i can understand why its needed and im more then happy for someone to buzz past me, even mid corner, assuming they dont hit me.
    However this is not a situation that occurs very often and im normally doing the overtaking. Not to mention when im in the twisties i am specifically listening out for other riders that are breathing down my neck, and so often i know they are there and can kick them through, on my commute i am not listening out for sportbikes, im listening for screeching tires and horns.

    But doing it to another rider just on the commute to work? bit of a stupid thing to do, as others have said at any point a rider might want to switch wheel tracks or avoid a pot hole or just weave around for the fun of it.

    As others have said, i do not check my mirrors or look for bikes that might be alongside me when i do these things, normally because im busy looking at the fwit who is about to smidsy me, or trying to find a route around the pot holes, or just observing shit as required.

    I would have given you the finger most likely.

    Dont do it again unless kicked through.
  12. Precisely.

    The other thing I'm reminded of here, is the amount of times I've pulled to the extreme left of the lane, held that line and thrown a boot out to an approaching rider - perfect strangers the pair of us, but it's pretty clear to him I've seen him and am expecting to be overtaken closely.
    You just gots to know what's behind you, cos there's always someone quicker...
  13. The traffics certainly not light close to the city, and with only 2 lanes the left lane wasn't an option as its mostly bumper to bumper. I checked well behind me before i moved to the centre, the other rider should have done the same. I'm sure the wave was sorry, it wasn't palm up.
    But I know for in future not to trust even other riders, I probably should have gone right up behind him and indicated to let him know my intentions first.
  14. I was going up the Macquarie Pass for the first time (I'm originally from Geelong) and was following three cars waiting for an overtaking lane when ...blat... a guy on a Diavel went past me and the cars behind me and the three cars in front, all over double lines. I had been busy watching where the road went and what the cars in front were going to do and hadn't seen him coming. Scred the sh t out of me. I passed the cars when the opportunity arose and then proceeded to try to keep up with him on a road he knew and I didn't. Probably the dumbest thing I've done for many years.
  15. I don't think the OP is very clear.

    1. If you were setting up to split slow moving traffic and the striple swerved to the center line to split without looking, it's his bad.

    2. If you passed the stiple on the left, in his lane without his permission just to get in front, then it's your bad.

    You should clarify what you mean before this gets out of hand.
    Even if it is situation 1, I think you should wait till he stops before splitting past. I've noticed heaps of people (especially scooters) don't mirror check for bikes before splitting. You don't want to rear end another rider.

    ... ...

    Woops, you already clarified.
  16. Well if its bumper to bumper in the left lane and your going quick enough in the right lane to rapidly close a gap with another rider, then you have bigger issues to worry about.

    But yes if you were already in the "splitting lane" if we call it that and he was in the right lane, then tried to split ontop of you, then yeah he should have probably looked behind him. However many riders dont, especially scooter gronks, so you should never assume they will.

    That being said if i was in your position i would have been:

    1. riding slowly so that i dont get killed when a car driver pulls into the clear right lane to punch it
    2. waiting for the bikes in front of me to start filtering then following them through, or wait for them to come to a stop before i move over into the filter lane to pass them.

    One thing i try to remember when i ride is a point 6 of the "Mountain Code" you will find at almost all ski resorts, and that is; "Give way to people below and beside you on the hill. It is your responsibility to avoid them."

    Translate below into infront, and hill for road and its generally a good rule to ride by.
  17. Sorry if I wasn't clear, the traffic was slow and I was splitting, he simply moved over to split without looking.
  18. You were already splitting?
    Well that changes almost everything - dude should definitely have looked before jumping on the split line...
    "Almost" everything: totally not your fault but next time you spot one not splitting, you'll expect it right? (Just keep an eye on your mirrors when you slow down, for the bloke splitting behind you ;))
  19. you'll usually pick up on the body language.if he has a head check or is eyeballing you in his mirrors you'd pick it up but don't assume that anybody is expecting you to slide on through unless you're actually riding with them