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Near miss with 1hp

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by wokwon, May 15, 2014.

  2. Freakin' hell . That's a brown undercrackers moment for sure :eek:
  3. Yeah, I'd sit down and have a freak-out after that too.
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  4. That video is speed up but still. First bike to fast&loud, resulting in horse getting spooked. She's coming up behind again to fast, then horse panics.

    Should have slowed down, high gear/low revs and buffer to the right as far as possible. It should be common sense that if you see animals on the road, you should take extra care. Glad she is okay but this is pure stupidity on their part.
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  5. Me thinks rider was in lala land.
  6. A pack of idiots. At least people like these provide entertainment with all the shit they film.