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Near miss videos

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Some bloody beauty's here

  2. I like the second one, guy strutting his stuff like he was John Travolta then bang he was doing the hot coal dance, I wonder where the driver ran off to in such a hurry.
  3. i cant get over the rally 1
  4. Damn those guys in the 2nd and 3rd video got moving fast.
  5. Yeah I'm not sure if he's walking like that cos he got a touch, or he just shit his pants...

  6. His dance move was shit hot? 8-[
  7. 2nd and 3rd one - f**k they were so close! I loved how quick the 3rd guy got moving when he looked left and realised the shit he was in. He hauled ass bloody quick.

    50 second mark of this vid - that guy was so lucky that tree was there.
  8. You'd think most people would stand a bit back when at rally events, as if theres not enough videos of people being hit.

    The second video is crazy.
  9. ...and the first guy had to change underpants

  10. A few in there I haven't seen in a long long year, a few I haven't seen before. Good selection. Loved the one where the car rolls and flips over the head of the photographer who just stands there. Defies belief.

    Best clip I have seen, and haven't been able to find since invovles a woman parking her car and getting out of it. Above the car is a crane carrying a load. The load drops and flattens the car about a second after she got out. I'll try and find it again.

    here we go

  11. Some of these are insane.

    They're all fairly mixed up though.

  12. Shit 1:27 of the first video Shag posted, crazy.

    Hahaha 4:50 of same video. Motorbike Vs Bull.
  13. This is a funny one IMO

  15. Tyre of some sort by the look of it.. possibly from the semi that went through
  16. on the way to work this morning. (detoured through Broken Hill )