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Near miss today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 99sydrd, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Riding home from work today on the way to footy training, and this biatch in a camry decides to overtake on the inside, on a single lane road ,WTF , so i speed up to avoid being side swipped. The more i think about it , im sure she was trying to run me over from the rear.

    Anyway she catches up and then tail gates me. I thought you fcuking ****.

    Where's a hand crenade when you need one ! lol:

    I did'nt realise its war fare out there on the roads.

    I was too occupied with other matters to let it get into full on comfrontation i.e footy

    The bloke who invents dogshit handcrenades for motorbike riders in trouble caused by idiot car drivers will be a rich man !
  2. Glad you are OK. Some people shouldn't get a car license, you were probably too preoccupied to get the rego number or you could report her for dangerous driving.

    Now you have cooled down a bit, ;) best thing would have been to get clear and let her get by. I hate to think what the alternative could have been. All the best, stay safe. :) :)
  3. Is reporting someone for dangerous driving worthwhile? Does the dangerous driver ever actually face any consequences?
  4. True, There are no legal repercussions. Usually the Police will ring the person and speak to them. That may be enough to cause some people to rethink the way they are driving.
  5. thats a near miss for you.... wow..

    call me Mr Lucky. :LOL:

    i was almost cleaned up by a hilux the other day, right hand mirror, brake leaver and bar end have scuff marks from a head on nic' doing 60ks (fag came into my lane so he could get ahead of 2 cars, holdens.)
  6. did u get him to pay for it?
  7. Me too, car swinging out of the right-turning queue. Had my buffer, jumped on the brakes a bit, jumped on the horn, relaxed and continued :roll:
  8. Now thats bloody scarey .. :eek:hno: