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near miss - still sore

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by sthentic, May 28, 2010.

  1. last Wednesday riding down Gaffney St, traffic reasonably slow going the other way, low and behold someone decides to turn from the right hand lane right in front of me without a blinker to be seen.

    attempted to stop but wasn't enough distance so swerved around him just got past the corner of the car bonnet and my bike slid out. now i have a broken collar bone.

    good news was a car stopped behind me and 5 people piled out and said that they would all bear witness for the insurance (and its been confirmed, repairs won't cost me a cent just inconvenience with the broken bone and having to work one handed for a few weeks)
  2. Sorry to hear that. I hope your collar bone heals quickly. Good though that the people following were eye witnesses.
  3. Hope you get better soon. It's so bad when your minding your own business riding and then you get folls driving dangerously which put your life in danger as well.

    I'll bet the idiot didn't even stop.
  4. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that the guy stopped, as OP said Insurance is sorted.

    I feel for you man, had a broken collar bone after an off a while back and it hurt like a biatch! Whiskey is your best friend, hope you get back on the horse soon.
  5. i've just recovered from a collarbone break, took me 3 weeks from when i broke it to get back on the bike but it was a bit niggly.

    so hopefully you'll be the same.
  6. Oh man! So glad you're okay!

    Sucks about the break, but all good that they are paying for it. Rest up and come online lots to give us updates :D

    hope a woman is looking after you ;)
  7. I was worried you'd be footing the bill after i heard the guy didn't even speak English. Good to hear it's all working out, another LAMs bike? or you going to wait it out till off restrictions? I says buy your 800cc's now, then i'll do it too, and it will be ok.
    Get well soon dude.
  8. Yay, my bike is all fixed and its getting delivered back this weekend. A little sad i can't ride it just yet. but it should only be another week or to before i can jump back in the saddle. calls for a bit of a celebration :beer:
  9. Good stuff!!! Just means you now have time to clean your bike nice and pretty like ;) Chain maintenance, rims cleaned, soapy wash, wax polish... the whole works :D

    Replace all fluids... coolant, do an oil change (for the fun of it :D), and bleed the brakes and refill! THINK - how much fun you could have!
  10. Coming for a ride on sun?
  11. we'll see how i go, i don't have full mobility and i still haven't tried siting on the bike to test the pressure it gets put under.
  12. Fail weather anyway :-(