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near miss, overtaking

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by steltzer, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. scared myself silly today. was my own fault. i miss judged the on coming car distance, thinking i had plenty of room to get by, and it was so close. too close for comfort. i was going to over take 3 cars, the front one doing 60 in a 100 zone](*,) i saw what i thought was the right gap, went for it, then when i decided i had made a mistake and needed to slot in, i was going to fast to aim safely and slow for the gap. the gap was approaching so fast i couldn't get it, so i pinned it!! the car coming head on moved over to his left to make room for me, i just about split the traffic at stupid kms/h. so i apologise to the driver of both cars, must have scared them all. never doing that ever again!!

  2. Been there, done that, except on the GOR with a car coming around a corner I didn't think was there. ](*,) Luckily the car I was overtaking swerved out of the way & saved my arse. That was the first & last time I'll rely on a car driver to do the right thing, I think I've used up my quota.

    Pat B's got a great one as well, perhaps he'll pop in & regale us with it...?
  3. well, i tell you, i have learnt my lesson
  4. dude you ride a 250 yeah??
    smart thing would be to drop a gear or two, light it up and get infront 5 minutes ago
    better to break the law going too fast than break your face on a car bonnet

    but, i've been there before. more than once
  5. Think we all do that once. :facepalm: 3 cars is a lot at once though. if you watch a good rider they pick them off one by one.

    its more fun if you hit the rev limiter when you pin it.
  6. hehe i ride a ninja 650rl, i just got the whole thing wrong. LOL, i will remember to pick em off next time, it just scared me so much.
  7. If that ever happens again, flash your high beams and kick your legs out...that way at least you will look like a true hoon, everyone moves out of your way and slows down to watch the "hoon" go past and give a shake of their head...they don't know you are shitting your pants, but at least you just parted the road and won't be hitting any front bumpers/bull bars or face plant a bonnet/windshield.
  8. Not a fun feeling I imagine.

    Had a bikie that did it to me a few months back on the way back from Buller. Don't know how the f*** he didn't see me coming (flat road, nice day, car is bright red) but if I'd not seen his cock up in time he wouldn't be with us today.
  9. It happens from time to time. I wouldn't say it's better to do one at a time or the whole bunch, I think that comes down to individual cases. If you're going to do the lot, wind it up and go. Don't p1ss around trying to do it at the speed limit. Do try and be not too close to the car in front as you're getting ready to do it. Leave yourself a little room to build up speed before you swing out.

    Beware lines of cars behind one slow driver. People in cars get impatient and frustrated too, and they don't often think to check their mirror as well as the road ahead when they pull out. I've been run off the road on the right hand side by a car pulling out to overtake as I was overtaking him. I stay on - just.

    Nearly all the time, there is enough room in the middle of the road, between the cars passing in opposite directions for you to ride in. Traffic at $1 on the open road doesn't often pass within 1 meter of the stuff going the other way. I would advise against riding up the centre line as a matter of course, it tends to give people big eyes and white faces and loud voices, but if you balls-up your overtaking the gap is usually there.

    One of the more challenging and entertaining things I've done is a high speed overtaking run with $1 traffic in both directions, just not bumper to bumper. Pop out - overtake - back in - oncoming - pop out - overtake - back in - oncoming ... all @ about $1.60. It's like a high speed slalom. The front 3 were too close together to keep doing it, but then a longer gap appeared in the oncoming, so I pinned it and ducked back in @ about $2.10. Good fun. Except the third car in the oncoming was a highway patrol car...
  10. thank god youre ok, and yep everyone makes a fark up hope you learnt from it. ride your own ride as they say and learn patience grasshopper!!
  11. Sounds like this all could have been averted with more power. Much more.

    Ahh thats when you do a mirror check every 2 seconds to watch for the car chucking a u-turn :LOL:
  12. Yeah, did that. Did the sums and and figured out by the time he got it turned around and cleared the traffic I could be about 5k away. Ok, that worked. Then started looking for a turn off. That worked too. Then noticed the light aircraft overhead was circling around where I was having a smoke. Not so good. Changed location. ... What followed was 2 hour game of cat and mouse around the canefields, which was eventually successful. I went another 50 km down the highway and stopped for dinner. Then I thought about going home.

    The cat and mouse had happened around the outskirts of Balina. On the way back through Balina I was very careful to obey all the laws. A cop car going the other way saw me and hit the brakes, slowed to walking pace but didn't turn. I figured if he really wanted me, he'd come after me.

    Out of town, no tail, looks like the coast is clear. Back up to a $1.40 cruise about 5k out. (to be cont.)
  13. I'll cut the word count a bit. What happened was the cop in town saw me, and got on the 2-way. The conversation would have gone something like this. "Guys, you were looking for a blue and white bike with a Qld plate this arvo, yes? Well I just saw that bike headed North in the middle of town. Are you still out there?"

    They were. Three of them. At 6, 8 and 10 km out of Balina. One drove toward me and pulled me on KR11. He drove off while I folded up the ticket and got back on the bike. As I started moving, a bike came into view behind me. Two km later he turned on his red and blues, and wrote me a second one. Then he turned around and headed back toward Balina. So I folded that ticket up and got back on the bike, and about half a kay further up a set of lights came on in the middle of the road, and then started winking left-eye, right eye, left eye ... He'd been stopped in the road with a hand-held unit pointed back up the road, waiting.

    Three tickets. Three points each. Three months off work.
  14. The gaps in a line of traffic can close up very quickly, you really can't rely on them to be there if you are aborting an overtake of a line of cars.

    I had a stark reminder of this a couple of years ago...was out for a blat in a car (I won't call it a cage, for reasons that will be obvious when you see the pictures) and was being followed by friend in another similar car. We had been working our way through a queue of around 40 or so vehicles, just picking them off in groups of 2 or 3 at a time.
    I managed to get the last 5 of them, about 100m before the road markings changed to no overtaking...my mate decided to follow and found himself facing an oncoming car, just as the line of traffic compressed and left him no spaces to pull into...not good

    This was the result...

  15. ... ouch. Was he ok?

    See, on a bike he probably would have got away with that. A few toots on horns, a flash of high beam - meh - give 'em the bird and keep going.
  16. Thanks to a 6 point race harness the only human damage was a broken wrist as his hand came off the wheel and punched the dashboard during the initial impact.

    The other car drove into the hedge to make enough room for this outcome, the bit of the car that made it through the gap is no wider than a bike, once the suspension had been torn off...his car was around 400bhp/ton so performance relative to other traffic was similar to a fast bike. I suspect the outcome if he was on a bike would have been much worse :-(

    The damage to the LH side of the car shows how hard it was in the hedge
    The damage to the RH side was from the vehicle impact - it was written off, we rebuilt the sports car with a new chassis.
  17. Should probably also add, that due to another unexpected stroke of luck, no charges were laid.....the boot of the Sierra was full of shot guns and the driver did a runner from the hospital before the police had a chance to interview him :)
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  18. [edit] LOL. Sounds like something out of Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, or The Snatch.
    You wouldn't think stacking into a car with a boot full of shotguns would work out in your favour, would you?
    I saw Thunderbolt & Lightfoot long before I saw those two.

    400 hp / tonne. ... Let me think.

    70kg + 90kg + 250kg = 410kg. 193 hp / 410 kg = 0.4707
    70kg + no pillion + 250 = 320. 193 hp / 320 kg = 0.6031
    400 hp / tonne = 0.4000

    Ok - that's pretty quick.

    PS_ What is it? I can see it's a clubman of some sort, but is it a Caterham, or a real '7', or a Westfield or something else?
  19. It's a Caterham - Caterham bought the rights to the 7 from Lotus in the 50's - Arch Motors in Huntingdon made the original chassis for Lotus, and continued to make them for Caterham until about 3-4 years ago - so it's effectively a real 7