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Near miss...oh crap.... never mind

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by D4SPADA, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Had a request from Chef to post up my story.

    About 3 weeks ago i lost my 3 month old 929 to the cagers.

    I was traveling down high st, northcote, in peak hour traffic on a tuesday evening. The weather was perfect as i pulled out of my mates place for a quick run to the mechanic to pick something up... the trip would not last long.

    The traffic stopped and began to back up at the lights at the corner of high and hoddle. I was aware of whats going on came to a stop without a problem behind a car, before hearing screeching tyres behind me...Oh crap... a couple of seconds later and me and my baby are slammed forward, i go slightly airbourne for a while, hit the car in front, the bike went on an angle and then fell on it's right side. luckily that's where it stopped and i simply stood over the bike waiting for my brain to catch up and piece together what happened.

    Turns out a numbnut cager had hit the one behind me, they hit me, i hit the car.

    After some time grappling with the logistical issue of swapping 4 lots of details i pushed the bike the 50m back up the road (yes i only got that far)

    Bike has been written off as a result of subframe, fairing, exhaust system and can and tank damage + whatever else was wrong that i couldn't see. I have a damaged joint between spine and one or more ribs possibly a small fracture but can't really tell. Basically my back feels like s#$t.

    What could i have down to avoid this situation. thoughts?
    lane split illegally?, drive a car? (as many non-riders around me keep suggesting), placed a large flashing light on my head inspector gadget style?

    Oh well, this is the game we play.

    Ride safe all
  2. Condolences, I've always kept an eye on my mirrors until the car behind me comes to a complete stop.

    But as you mentioned, the car behind you had stopped and there's nothing more you could have done.

    Except lane split to the front where you are safe.

    Good luck with the healing.
  3. Sorry to hear about your losses. There was nothing you could have done as you did everything legally and despite this the accident still occured.
  4. Bad luck mate.. I too check my mirrors when I stop to ensure some w@nker doesn't decide to potentially arse me from behind. I don't filter when I am by myself, rather I do if I am in a group ride and need to catch up to the front of the lights.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  5. Oh oh, almost forgot:

    WHAT's THE UPGRADE?!?!?!? :grin:
  6. You have my condolences for your lost ride and my sympathies for your injuries, wishing you the best in the healing and recovery process.
    +1 on the new baby question.
  7. thanks,

    it might be a cbr954rr ;) will let you know tomorrow
  8. It's shit when you do everything right and still get screwed. Hope you heal up soon.
  9. nothing you could have done to avoid it... like being struck by lightenning...shit happenned and my condolonces for yourself and your bike...heal fast.

    i will post what i would have done prior to the event, well in theory anyway...(not like i follow my own rules all the time...and not likely it would have saved my ass, given your description there was'nt time to establish where the screeching tires were comming from...nor would the threat have been in your field of vision, including mirrors...therefore any reaction from yourself could just as easilly put you in harms way.

    so don't dwell too much on it ok... i really don't think in your case, there was anything pro-active you could have done to avoid what happenned.

    however, as said, i will say what i likely would have done leading up to the event...i don't know wether you'll get anything out of it or not.

    as follows>
    - i always check my mirrors before i brake or even slow my speed.
    - my deceleration to a stop would have been gradual and relaxed and a reasonably long distance leading up to the complete stop...that way i can affect the vehicle behind me and lead it in slowly...i'll draw it out as long as i can sometimes before i have to put a foot down.
    - i would not have selected neutral until i was confident the vehicle behind me had come to a complete stop
    - i would have tried to make eye contact briefly via mirrors with the driver in the vehicle behind me.
    - i would be stopped on a slight angle, or with my front wheel at least angled, to the centre of both lanes...and have left a bike length clear between my front tire and the rear bumper of car ahead.
    - then ascertain the awarenes of the drivers around me...if they're not switched on and theres a safer place to be up ahead i might filter forward...eg: large heavy truck up ahead...if i can pull in in front of that, nothing that slams into the back of it is going to budge it.
    - if theres nothing pulling up behind me as i approach the intersection i generally do filter at least part way up between the lines of cars...i don't like waiting at the back for cars yet to come in at speed.

    honestly though i really don't filter all that much, basically because i'm never in a hurry...you can't really hop on a bike with the mindset "I'm running late i'll have to hurry.
    and honestly, allthough i'm very attentive to the car directly behind me, i never consider beyond that car...sooo, i would have been meat sammich too...heal fast bud.
  10. The thing I do, tought during my L's and P's, is leave about a car's length of gap between me and the car in front of me when standing still. Always keep it in gear and keep checking your rear view mirrors until the cars behind you have stopped.

    If you see something happening behind you, or you hear the tyres screeching, move forward quickly into the 1 car gap.

    That's the theory of course... I've never had to use it yet but keep leaving the gap.

    Sorry to hear about your bike and your back man. Hopefully everything will work out.
  11. This is exactly why I move to the side of the lane when I stop even if I won't be filtering. Really feel terrible about your off, hope you heal well and get a new bike soon.

    I'm in the freshly crashed pot too. Its never a nice thing to go through. Even when you've done everything right its still a headache.
  12. I always have my bike front wheel angled to the space between the cars infront, if theres nothing behind me, and in 1st gear. Otherwise if at the front then i sit in neutral and eye the hot birds walking by. Been caught off guard at the green light and beeped at a few times for that reason...