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Near miss of a different kind

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kernel, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Today I was riding on Citylink on the way home, when my Aldi GoCruise Motorcycle GPS fell out of its cradle and onto my leg. I was on a fairly long ride including a highway with a 110 limit so there were a few vibrations going through my bike. Apparently they were too much for the gps/cradle to handle.

    Anyway, I managed to grab it before it fell off my leg and got run over by a car. Held it in my left hand until I got to a straight and put it back in the cradle. I'm so glad I didn't lose the unit, it's a great unit for the price and has come very much in handy since I got it. Surprisingly reliable, too.

  2. Yeah, basically same thing happened to mind except with the two screws that go in the mount, only used the GoCruise GPS a handful of times but the bolts tend to unscrew very easily, one time one of the bolts ended up falling out.

    Ended up swinging by Bunnings and buying two hex head cap screws & using two small rubber washers, only used it for about an hour or so since then.
  3. yeah one of my bolts has fallen out, doesn't bother me too much since there are 3 others there, but I might try doing what you did
  4. klunk have you locked it in? if we ride tommorow il show you what i mean
  5. don't think I can be stuffed making the tnmr tomorrow but maybe
  6. then i wont be showing you will i?
  7. i might come i might not
    if by locking in you mean pushing it into the cradle so it clicks yes I did that
    if you mean something else then it might make me curious enough to come down
  8. theres alock screw that goes through the cradle into the gps and turn off the speed warnings theyl drive you insane!
  9. oh yeah, i never received it, might have to hit enigma up about that one too.
    nah the speed warnings don't really bother me. it's funny when im in a 110 zone and the gps reckons the speed limit is 100 lol
  10. the screw is formed into the cradle inthe center it cant fall out im assuming its the same model though
  11. it must be a different model, my cradle has a little lock symbol, a little unlock symbol and a small hole that something is meant to go through, and a small plate held in by 4 tiny screws with a similar hole in the back of the GPS.
  12. i would say the locking screw is missing /by the way if i see you ****ing around with my gps after this post your life wont be worth living:bannanabutt:
  13. lol i won't touch your gps but if you touch me my girlfriend will rip you to shreds
  14. might be good enough reason rite there:bannanabutt:
  15. im not entirely sure what you mean by that
  16. youve no imagination mate
  17. believe me i imagined a few things but im not sure which one you meant... i think i know which one is most likely though
    edit: actually now im certain which one you meant... you sick, twisted individual. do you know how old she is?
  18. i ain't saying nothing
  19. probably the best policy