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Near miss in round-about this morning

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DrewBytes, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. I've been riding now for almost 9 months, commute every day, and have just clocked 10,000 kms.

    Today was my closest call, my riding has been mostly uneventful until this morning. Just at the end of my culdesac is a small round-about which I have to turn right on. Coming from the left was a Camry. I always look left here before proceeding into the round-about as cars have a tendancy to zoom through without slowing down as I live in a small street and they the cross road is bigger road (only 50 kph limit though) through the suburb.


    I saw the Camry coming, he was a reasonable distance away, so into the round-about I go. I'm just at the point of turning right (see image) and I realise he isn't going to stop so I swerve to the right hard up against the inner island of the round-about. I almost drop the bike as it hits the inner guttering and I come to a stop. I was actually off the bike somehow standing beside it on the left - somehow I'd hopped off and was holding it without dropping it. A little shaken it took me a couple of attempts to put the side stand down.

    Turned around and the car driver was right beside me with his window down. Pulled my visor up and ripped into him with a bunch of expletives. Thankfully he was very calm and apologetic, kept saying he was sorry, and that he didn't see me as I was in the blind spot of his a-pillar. He thrust his hand out the window after a 30 seconds or so of "discussion" to shake my hand as a sorry gesture - which I accepted. He promised to be more careful in the future.

    A lucky outcome, he missed me by cm's only thanks to my quick low speed swerve. I don't think I would like to be hit even if it is a quite low speeder. p.s. There is nothing in the round-about blocking vision.
  2. Some cagers are just idiots. My mates Dad did exactly the same thing as camry guy did, except plowed into another car. Him AND my friend BOTH think it "wasn't really his fault" because it's a "hard roundabout to see into" - yet they both zip through it as fast as their cars can handle. Bloody idiots :evil:
  3. Firstly... glad you were not hurt.
    Yep, damn idiots everywhere driving around with their head up their arse.
    This guy did apologize at least and his excuse for not seeing you is reasonable.
    I know this doesn't excuse that fact that he could have injured you or even worse.
    My wife drives a Nissan Xtrail and that bloody A-pillar is a prick to see around.
    10/10 for keeping him in your peripheral vision !!!

    Stay Safe

    oh .. and get a tatts ticket
  4. There is something about Camry's, really don't know why but I have had so many incidents of Camry drivers doing the most stupid things both when in my car and on the bike. I now put them in the same high risk bucket as taxis!
  5. Well done on the positive outcome.
    If it had have gone the other way it would have been reported as "bike hits car" and as you were half way through you would have been "speeding" too.
    As riders we need to allow for other road users failings imagined or otherwise. Glad you did.
    How many drivers only look once? :shock: Not me I assure you but maybe that's because I ride too. :wink:
  6. Thanks for the comments guys.

    I should mention that I should be quite visible - I've recently started wearing a red and yellow striped fluro safety vest over my riding gear (I believe it helps a lot with making me visible), my black helmet now also has red fluro stickers all over it. The backback I wear on the commute also has reflective patterns on it. It would be hard to make myself any more visible!
  7. Does it come with braille warnings as well :LOL:
  8. now i know why there is a red glow around canberra at night. :LOL:
  9. I've noticed cage drivers are getting worse by the week in my area, can't count on people to give way, indicate or slow down when they clearly can't take turns at the speed they are traveling anymore.

    Glad to hear your incident was accident free :D

    I can't stand roundabouts anymore.
  10. I give cagers death stares on roundabouts - slowing them down with hate and contempt :p

    You have to admit the thickness of the A-pillars on newer cars is becoming a joke. A truck can hide behind one on a larger roundabout. I get clostrophobic driving things like Mazda 3s and Suzuki Swifts with all those things in the way of my vision - people must think I'm having a seizure when I'm trying to look around them.
  11. Glad you're okay. Round abouts are where I get most near misses from cagers. Unless they are taxis which can cause trouble anywhere. :twisted:
  12. Drew,

    I'm glad it ended without any long lasting pain. I have to say that Canberra seems to have the most roundabouts in the country yet we have the least number of people who know how to use them.

    It seems people on the larger road think they have right of way regardless of who is on the roundabout. I can't think of many things on the road that are more dangerous.

  13. Drewbytes, good to see you got out of it ok.
    Only way to make yourself more visible is to drive the wagon.... :p
  14. lol i drive a camry, nothing wrong with me (except that brand new jeep i hit when i was a wee 17 yr old )
  15. The problem of course is that because of relative numbers, car drivers expect to see other car drivers.

    So on Australian roads if you want to minimise your chances of getting hit visibility and bright colours is what you want.

    I ride a yellow motorbike and definately encounter more close calls/scary moments while riding borrowed (darker) bikes .