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near head on with a 'hooning' police 4x4!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by JimmyD, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. so i wasn't expecting this.

    going through the local twisties today i noticed that traffic was up compared with the day before. and it was mostly 4x4s (who always cut blind corners) so i knew i had to be on the lookout and stick to the left wheel track so i don't get cleaned up.

    just about to enter a left hand corner which was sort of blind and a nissan patrol 4x4 comes barreling around the corner, with more than 2/3 of the vehicle over the centre line. the patrol was leaning over a fair bit and i was in the middle/right ish wheel track at the time.

    i quickly just leaned the bike way over dragging my inside footpeg very hard into the bitumen to get over to the extreme of the lane because i knew that the patrol wouldn't be able to change lines mid corner that easy. there wasnt much in it, maybe 50cm between me and the bullbar.

    the patrol tried to change line mid corner and got quite upset and was pretty messy on corner exit. as you can imagine these 4x4s dont like to be unsettled.

    to make matters more interesting, it was a police 4x4 that nearly hit me. and no it wasnt chasing anybody because there was no other traffic for 15 minutes. probably just wanted to get back to the station quickly (because there is no police station where these roads go to).

    same as this.


    pretty interesting i thought.
  2. They should crush that 4x4, that'll teach 'em.
  3. The days you wish you had a camera recording every ride!!

    Glad to hear you were able to adjust and got through OK! I wonder how the news report would have been twisted if things hadn't gone so well....
  4. if it had ended badly, you know it would have been your fault. at least that's how it would be told to the media/public.
  5. you have the time and place..report it...law enforcement officers are not above the law.
  6. Or at least not above a sound dressing down by their superiors.
  7. Seriously...??? As stupid a statement as "All bike riders are hoons"... I personally find them to be amongst the better road users, contrary to what alarmist popular media would have us believe...
  8. I like to sit right on the line when in my pesky 4x4, that way its stops those idiot red p-platers from cutting the corner at 4 times the speed limit. Would rather teach them a lesson in the 4x4 than on the bike. they piss me off almost as much as the idiots on bikes that overtake me on double white lines on blind corners in the mountains when I am driving my 4x4.
  9. "I use my truck as a weapon to teach people a lesson"

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the responsible 4wd owner.

    He'll keep us all in line with his mighty status symbol! :LOL:
  10. boy.racer / patR1 just STFU already and don't come back.
  11. Howzabout 'No'? :LOL:

    And again with the patr1 thing. I like that you are determinedly wrong :LOL:
  12. You're in a good mood ATM Smokae, aren't you?

    Bluefreak - as a rider and 4WD driver, thankyou for that. TRA, not so much.

    JimmyD an e-mail will only take you a minute, and you never know what good it might do.
  13. And I bet you are the guy who overtakes me on the double white line on the blind corner on your mighty status symbol.
  14. well from my experience its a more than 75% of the total traffic on this particular road that do this. it may be different in different places but thats how it is here.

    the traffic levels arent really that high during most of the year and its really only 4x4 people that go up there for camping/hunting and whatnot. theres hardly any bikes that go up there too, i saw 2 other bikes over the weekend of riding up there. i saw 1 sedan on that road on the weekend and about 12 4x4's.

    but on long weekends and holiday periods you just cant ride on that road. its not uncommon to see 4 or 5 4x4s following close behind each other pushing it a little hard through the corners then get all unsettled when they see you and stress out a little. you just know that they aren't the most forgiving when you need to change lines once its already settled (hell, even my ford territory doesn't like that) and that it can get messy.

    the worst thing that i've seen on that road is a guy in a gq patrol come in a bit hot into a corner (luckily i could see this all unfolding and get off the road) and just understeer off the bitumen until he got onto the dirt and his tyres just bit in and nearly rolled it on his roof. the inside rear wheel was just off the ground which is pretty close considering the wheel travel you get.

    i stopped to see if he was sweet after that and i was just having a quick look about the 4x4 and noticed he wasn't running swaybars, obviously for better articulation. he was running 35 inch extreme trekkers (so more like 36 inch) so you would think he wouldnt push hard with the thing setup how it was.
  15. probably didn't know? Did he have a load on top? I have seen fools(amateurs) Load up the roof of 4wd's, and load heavy gear in the trailer. Leaving tents and other light stuff in the 4wd itself. They always look dumb when you point out that they are a recipe for a lot of pain. Then you explain the whole center of gravity thing and get told "It'll be right".

    Makes you smile when you see them at the next rest stop reorganising the load.

    People shouldn't start a hobby without learning the in's and out's before hand.
  16. really? I thought he articulated TRA's post quite well.
  17. Very true on both comments - best thing to hear is that you are okay

    I second the camera comment - but who do you give the evidence too ? - will it be classified as hooning ? - would the police car be impounded for 3 months or better yet crushed ?

    I would pay some serious coin just to go watch a police car get crushed due to it being impounded because the police where done under hoon laws
  18. Have you been to the beach lately?
  19. Don't cop cars have dash cameras? Or is that only in America?
  20. Interesting comparison of TRA's views above...

    and his views here... https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?p=2002282#post2002282