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near crash moment on vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by LatinoMuffinMan, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. #1 LatinoMuffinMan, Aug 2, 2011
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    so my friend bought the new contour GPS and i just got my yoshimura slip on, so we took a little video.
    had a near death moment at 3:05! lady almost ran me over cuz she wasn't looking. here i was thinking the exhaust was freakn loud enough for her to hear me coming


  2. This is the beauty of being an alcoholic, I don't have to worry about night riding because i'm never on the bike that late at night :]
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  3. Hear you coming because of the exhaust? Not a chance.
  4. That wouldnt have happened if she
    1) turned her hearing aide on
    2) bothered putting her hearing aide on
    3) cared about riders
    4) actually paid attention
    5) put down her phone, stopped talking useless stuff to her passengers, stopped applying her makeup, or stopped fiddling with her radio.
    6) cared about riders
    7) bothered looking both ways

    These idiots are as dangerous as the hoons..............................I say impound their cars under the hoon law.
  5. happens to me all the time mate, water off a duck's back these days, just counter steer to avoid and keep on riding. I've found that the smidsy avoidance technique (google it) works really well, has not happened to me once since I started using it.
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    Hey mate! Nilly got run over out the front of the libary on orangegrover rd?? i live around the corner. Saw the 7:11 and was like ahhh shit! you live neer by?
  7. nice capture.
    this is why i carry a house brick in my tank bag. just especially for her. when that goes through her windscreen, she"ll stop, look and take notice.
    i can set up to brake or swerve with my right hand and hold a brick in my left hand.
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  9. Yeah from my perspective, I thought DrLinhieD was going over the bonnet. Stupid cow, if that happened atleast we had it on camera.
  10. ahh smidsy maneuvre? they should teach us that in QRIDE. i sometimes do it just for fun =p
  11. It's more fun when they actually pull out. Had it happen today. Liberal application of horn followed by roaring past with my own yoshi pipe blaring inches from her windows...

    She knows what she did.

    I love hooning.
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    yeah that's the one.
    lol same :D
  13. Jeez, seemed like she stopped and saw you though, but way too far out...

    Not having a dig at all, I say it to everyone, NEVER assume they see/hear you. Even if they are looking directly at you. Its saved my ass countless times.

    stay safe :)

  14. Interesting video - the name smidsy makes me chuckle. :grin:
  15. "Sorry mate, I didn't see you"
  16. Not even close.
  17. On a ninja 250? please...
  18. Good idea, whose she going to blame if she didnt see you.
  19. Fekking horn again!!! (sigh)
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  20. #20 raven, Aug 3, 2011
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    Umm...not having a dig...not at all...but the Ninja 250 with a loudish pipe while far better than the original, is'nt actually all that loud. And at night time when you can pretty much assume that drivers have their windows up, they'll never hear you.

    Fact is...depending on the background your approach speed and the average drivers perceptions, you could quite easily have been relatively invisible.

    The other vid in this thread explains why...and it's a good video to have as a reminder every now and then.

    Anyway...looks like you reacted smart (except for the stupid bloody horn), and you can be thankful that they spotted you in the end.

    Saying this, because I have been there and done it a few times....but might your focus have been on how your bike is sounding to you as you were riding along, and that caused you to be a little less alert to bumbling motorists, just at a bad time.?

    Anyway, enjoy the pipe but you'll probably only notice it helping you in Peak hr traffic...not when up and moving like that, through suburbia.