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near 3 weeks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kyro_02, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. I'm still waiting for my new license to be sent out, almost 3 weeks; how long did it take ya'll to get yours (when you go for your bike license, they puncture your L permit and car(if you have one) license if you pass your course.

    only took under 2 weeks to get my bike L's sent to me when i did them, bike license is different process.. or they're busy ?.. hehe

    my "paper license" is getting ruined, and my bike L and car P are not a valid ID or something the copper said; when I got pulled up, well, lucky I had my paper to show them. but the paper is on its last legs lol

    probably come in the same day i get summons papers .. anyones guess :LOL:
  2. hmmm
    here in SA you only get a paper learners bike licence.

    no photo ID till you get your R Date.

  3. I got my L's 1 month ago. Still waiting for the photo learner permit.
  4. Thats weird..

    In NSW we get a form after we pass the test. We take that to RTA, pay some money and they give the new card on the spot..
  5. My wife's been waiting 5 weeks (we're in Victoria).

    We have a Vicroads envelope in mail today so prob her licence.

    (I don't open her mail :LOL: )
  6. well, I got mine 7 weeks ago. still no license.
  7. Use your old license. Even though it has a hole punched through it, it will still count as photo id.
  8. mmm the rta worked for me :p
  9. for my L's I got it exactly 4weeks. And Im also waiting for my license done it almost 3weeks ago as well. So Im expecting it within the next week or so...
  10. mine came about 6 weeks after i got my licence
  11. Get the sticky tape out bud & tape the f*cker up. :LOL:
  12. hehe sticky tape always fixes everything :)

    my new license just came in, thankfully! after 2 weeks 5 days give or take a day or so

    i have noticed though, in all my licenses, car,bike,boat not one photo looks like me, except the last one.. lol

    ...now time to get my license suspension over an done with so i can finally buy a bike for when i get my license back!!!