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Ne Member - 2013 ER650nL

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dodge, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys and Gals,

    Thought I'd say hi. I'm a new member and after months of reading about, sitting on, staring at, and occaisionally talking to salesman while pretending to know about bikes, I'v fallen in love with the Kawasaki ER650nL and intend on signing the paperwork in the next few days.

    Does anybody know any good spots (big carparks, low traffic areas etc) towards the East of Melbourne where I can secretly build confidence riding before taking it out on the road?

    Also, has anybody bought this bike and attached oggy knobs? If so, do you have any suggestions on whether the get the screw-ins or the other type?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Saturday morning practice in Elwood for the win!! once you are confident getting down there.. (and lots of people are willing to help with an escort down there.. )

    Then.. once you are there . lots of people giving their time to help you iron out the kinks :)

    check out the thread in vic group rides section :)
  3. Not sure exactly where you are, but industrial estates can be good areas to practise too. On the weekends, these are often virtually empty.

    +1000 to Saturday practice btw; get your butt down there!

    Probably a dumb question... do you have your Ls yet? I wouldn't be taking a brand spankers bike out w/out having the permit as you won't have any insurance. You didn't specify in your post.

    ETA: Welcome to NR, btw.
  4. Same goes for a lot of new housing estates, but these tend to offer a little more variety than the usual grid-pattern roads of an industrial estate.

    Even established "gated" estates work well early in the morning when traffic is light. There's even a certain pleasure to be derived in riding around the more exclusive estates on a regular basis knowing that you're "that motorcycle". :demon: (oh how I wish some days that I had a 2-stroke bike).
  5. Welcome to NR. (y)

    :D No need to Secretly build up confidence as you can just rock up at St Kilda Practise session.
  6. *jealous*

    I too have fallen in love with the ER-6nL..made the mistake of sitting on one .. (y)

    Welcome to NR - and enjoy!
  7. hehehehe.. yes.. sitting on the ER-6's is what got me too.. i got the 6F/ninja model. a big step from a cruiser or GS500F

    but .. these things happen.. :)
  8. Haha, there's no such thing as a dumb question; Yes, I do have my L's.

    Had been meaning to for ages but hadn't found the time, then finally just did it. Then came the decision on what bike to get...

    Thanks for all the ideas people, I'll probably get down to St Kilda shortly after I'm confident enough to get it down the drive. So give it a few months... ; )

    On a serious note, does anybody have any thoughts on the oggy knob situation?
  9. welcome aboard mate saturday practice1st if you cant make it (like me untill the skool holidays at least) then ive been using the boat carpark at lysterfield lake and the industrial area down off hammond road in dandenong lots of quiet streets big and small carparks to, plus the usual streets in local area etc cheers
  10. Hi

    Great choice of bike.

    Doncaster park and ride on the weekend is usually ok, every now and then some dick security guard wanders out and tells you to piss of.

    What suburb are you in? Plenty of people on here will help you get to Sat practice.. I am in Nunawading send me a PM if you are close.

    Cheers Jeremy
  11. OGGY KNOBS ALL the way!