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  1. Hi, bit of intro, not sure where this should go/cant find.. I did own a Triumph America 2003 till 8 weeks ago, when I totalled it in a big way, and nearly myself.. I'm a youngish 66 years old, but somedays I feel like 166.. Love my bikes.. Looking at replacing Trumpy with a Honda NC700S..Has anyone any info on, and do you know of any dealers that have a demo to try out.. Preferr Vic or southern NSW.. live in Wangaratta.. love forums, just find hard to navigate for a while,, Have a Merry xmas and New year.. Ride Safe..

  2. sounds like you've had a near miss :)

    Welcome to Netrider, it's a busy place, and I do believe I remember someone posting up the he owns an NC.....
  3. I haven't ridden one, but I did do a bit of research on them for my wife.

    Basically, the engine is based on the Honda Jazz (yes a car engine). I think the best quote I read, and the one that turned me and my wife of them, was "The difference between this bike and other bikes of a similar capacity is that this is like driving a turbo diesel rather than a petrol car"
  4. Really, it is the type of bike you need to ride before you can exclude it because of the engine.
    It is the engine that makes this bike the best all round commuter bike I have owned. I've had mine since June and put over 7,000Km on the clock.
    Having had a CBR1000 previously, and using a 2012 CBR250R as a commuter along with alsorts of makes and models over the years the NC700S is a very, very good all rounder.
    It is more economical than the 250, has stacks of torque available at any RPM, and is as easy to thread through traffic as the 250.
    If you want a head down arse up screamer then it will disapoint. But if you are looking for a sencible bike that works well at speeds up to about 140Kph, that won't scare the $@&*# out of you if you lean to hard on the throttle but has enough to keep most cars & smaller bikes behind you then it's worth taking a test ride.
    The Honda staff member who said it had half a jazz motor really needs to be shot because it is far from it. (Piston Ring set excluded:))
  5. Your quite right it would make an excellent commuter bike. In fact after reading everything we did we concluded that it would make a most excellent commuter with the ability to do some touring. That's great, but not what we were looking for.

    In honesty, the leading paragraph I read from Honda press release turned me off straight away. They pushed the economy line, personally I don't buy bikes for economy, I buy them for how they make me feel.
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    I don't own one but you might be interested in this thread which is on the X model variant of the NC700 (which Oz doesn't get).

    ** removed link to other forum **

    You might want to skip the first 20-30 pages until you get to some of the owners comments. I think that this is one of those bikes that makes no sense on paper and until you ride it you just don't get it. I wish they bought in the X I would be tempted to buy that as a runaround, I want the fairing.

    I am surprised at you mick, I thought that you would understand that not everything that looks bad on paper is that way, the Bandit is no gem on paper but does make a lot of sense in reality.

    I think this is a good exciting bike, it will get people back into basic motorcycling, we need new blood in. Then some will move up to the bigger bikes and stimulate that as well. We need the 18 year olds getting into motorcycling so that they can get a bike again when the kids leave home in 2030. If we don't we won't have the renaissance like we having now again. You need cheap bikes to do this. The CBR250 the CBR500's, the CRF250L and this bike is a good move from Honda. Honda is back to its roots with these bikes producing cheap transport. It had lost its way but it has proven that it is a great manufacturer.
  7. Cannot argue with sound logic like that... 100% agree with you. ;)
  8. Never said it wasn't a good bike, just that it's not a bike my wife wanted. She did when she saw it and sat on it, but then we looked at the specs (power etc) she decided very quickly that she would get bored with it very quickly.

    As for the Bandit, I didn't read the specs before I bought it. If I had, I probably would have bought the FZ1S instead.
  9. That was my point that you have to ride these bikes, the Bandit, the NC, the old Buells are like that as well. Can't just look at specs.
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  10. Soooooooo to sum in up OP.......if you want a bike to commute on --> game on.

    If you want something that will make your nuts tingle.........--> false start......

    There is no perfect bike.....just the BEST bike for the requirements......

    I think everyone needs 2 bikes...............minimum.
  11. You can if you KNOW what you are looking at. When you KNOW you want a bike with more than 50kw, and the specs tells you the bike only has 35kw, you KNOW it's not the bike for you.

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    The only reason the HP is so low is because of the rev limit. Torque is a better comparison than HP.

    It has pretty well the same torque figure as a SV650 but makes it over 2000 rpm lower. It also has the same as the CBR600 but makes its peak torque 6000 rpm lower.
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  13. And when you're doing 100kmh and you want to overtake a vehicle doing 90 going up a hill (no overtaking lane) and spend as little time on the wrong side of the road as possible, the more power further up the rev range the better. A 35kw bike just doesn't cut it I'm afraid.

    As I said, the NC700 would be a good commuter, not disputing that. But as an open road/mountain road sports/tourer it'd be next to useless.

  14. No torque is better for overtaking not power. Torque is the ability to do work, which is the ability to change speed in the case of a motorcycle.

    The only thing that is going to affect the overtaking performance is the top gear overdrive, but that has nothing to do with the power.

    Go have a read of the advrider thread, the real owners say that it is fine up to about 80 miles an hour (140km/h). The OP sounds like he is not a speed demon so this will be fine for touring at legal speeds.
  15. Ok, so care to explain to me that given her old M750 and her current SV650 have similar torque figures (and similar to the NC700) why her SV650 accelerates a damn site faster and better than the M750??
  16. Because they are not both reving at their peak torque when you begin to accelerate?
  17. Interesting views... both with some good points.
    My experience is that the NC700 has no problem with passing slower cars etc (even two up). 5th gear gives good acceleration from about 60Kph all the way to 160kph ;). 6th gear is ok too, but it's not really about the torque or HP. The NC700S just does not have the wind protection at high speeds to make it comfortable over a long ride. At speeds around 100-120KPH it's ok, but above that I get a bit worn out after an hour or so and need a lie down..... and I'm not that old...
    My personal view, is it's the best commuter I have owned, a very fine moderate speed touring bike for an afternoon away, but not a bike to try keep up with your mates ZX10 etc. It lacks the ground clearance to get your knee down to keep up (y) Overall it's a good all rounder, but for longer trips I'd be looking at something with a little more protection from the elements.
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  18. Far from useless.. Just a little breezey...
  19. Can you fit a laptop in the "fuel tank" luggage compartment?
  20. That, my friend, is an excellent question.