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NBN: The three year plan

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. NBNco have released the building plan for the next three years. In line with the current governments multi technology mix there are a number of technologies used for the last hop to premises.

    • FTTP: (Fibre to the Premises) The original and best fibre direct to the home.
    • FTTN: (Fibre to the Node) Fibre optic to Nodes in the street and ADSL technology, or its derivative systems to the premises.
    • HFC: (Hybrid Fibre Cable) Fibre to the current cable networks belonging to Optus and Telstra (Ownership has been transferred to NBNco) cable technology to the premises.
    • Fixed Wireless: Fibre to wireless transmission points wireless to the premises. (Mainly for rural areas)
    So where are you on the build schedule?

    NBNco Three Year Build Schedule
  2. it says Nov-15 for me but I'm not holding my breath.
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  3. I'm rural, and currently have satellite internet, not NBN. I recently was told I can get fixed wireless. Great! The guy came out, and because of some signal hopping issue (two signals the same strength, as I understood it), I can't get it. So now I wait for the new satellite to be active, probably in November.

    Edit: I just checked and it still says we can get fixed wireless, even though we can't. Great.
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  4. Q1 2017 , one can hope!
  5. My current house already has FTTP but next month I move to a property that has ADSL2+ and possibly HFC (iiNet Tech going to check it out, apparently runs down the street but maybe not the unit). This website says that new place is only getting FTTN in H1 2017... wtf? Why? If HFC is already in the street and HFC is quicker than FTTN.
  6. Sometimes there is a mix of situations in a suburb, if the is Cable in the street and it runs by your house HFC is probably what you will get.
  7. Q1 2017 (FTTN), or I can move a few ks out of town and get fixed wireless right now. Seriously considering it.
  8. Fingers crossed, iiNet website is the only one that says it can get HFC and when I contacted iiNet they said:

    Our HFC network runs past the front of this address, but the question is whether they can connect your unit
    The cable has to get from the power pole out front, typically would attach to the front unit first and then chain its way long
    Requires landlord permissions for each unit (there is a paperwork form to get each owner to fill out)
    And that is assuming it is actually "do-able". Best bet is to ring HFC sales 13 19 17 and request a "site evaluation"

    So that gives me little hope, probably stuck with ADSL2+ until 2017 when they will connect me to the HFC that is already directly out the front...
  9. H1 2017 HFC for me. Doubt I'll be living here by the time it arrives.

    And FFS, why can't they just put fibre all the way to the house and be done with it.
  10. Because that wouldn't have allowed the Libs to transfer $11 billion from taxpayers to Telstra for their 1950's copper.
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  11. 15 minutes from the city centre and not even on the list yet. Currently have cable, works fine for me.
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  12. 3 years where I am but I cant even get adsl2 and I wanted to switch to optus but apparently I cant in this area....wtf
  13. I get the Disabled midget p0rn version(FTTN) in 2016 Q2, maybe for my Birthday????

    But we aren't a swing seat so it could potentially be never.
  14. I hope we have a change of government policy and get a National Broadband Network instead of a Narrow Band Network..

    if we get 100meg by 2020, we'll only be 1 or 1.5 decades behind :D
  15. Way I see it, being later in the rollout is better at the moment.
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  16. Fixed wireless in Q1 2017.

    Frankly a bit shit (the technology rather than the timescale) given that I am, technically at least, within the metropolitan area of a capital city. Ah well, it doesn't rain much here so with any luck the signal won't be completely rubbish.
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  17. as long as you can get 100meg/s, it will be ok until 4K streaming becomes common.. :)
  18. Oops, misread it. I'm actually probably looking at FTTN but not until H2 (whatever that means) 2018. The fixed wireless was for the more outlying bits of my little town.
  19. so.. 10 meg on copper then :)


    fwiw, FTTN cabinets need a lot of cooling...
    Duct tape fixes that :p 'just sayin'
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  20. H2 2018 with HFC. Not sure if that's good or bad.