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NBA Draft - Andrew Bogut #1

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Milwaukee picked him up as #1 - not many surprises.

    Good to see an Aussie showing them all how to do it!


  2. dont like him , needs a good scragging by the NBA boys to pull him into line .
  3. Tell me about it... Let's see how he likes having Kobe and Shaq tearing him up every few weeks... <oops! tall poppy syndrome kicking in too early!>
  4. He's been living in the States too long, picked up the habit of telling everyone how good he is. But the lad is good, good luck to him.
  5. Give me a ladder and i'll tell im what for :wink: .
  6. The kid is just promoting himself to the (then) prospective clubs, and it's paid off! The news is he is getting something like $3m in his 1st year... not bad for a 20yo 8)
  7. 3mil a year is max they get paid for as a rookie i think. Contracts last for about 3 yrs then they get to renegotiate or become a free agent.

    obviously there have been many first picks which were big hype and then failed. Good example was sam bowie in '85 when Michael Jordan was "only" picked 3rd. Olowokandi of Minnesota was first pick as well and there was hype about him, now he looks and plays like crap.

    But credit where credit is due, the Aussie has more potential to be big star than the other aussies who have tried to or have played in the NBA, eg Longley, Gaze, Heal. Im all for Bogut tho! go aussie! =P
  8. I heard it on the radio that it was $11m over 3 years, $3m being in his 1st year :?

    But yeah, I hope the kid does well. I might even start following the NBA again... is Charles Barkley still playing? :? :LOL:
  9. cummon guys he's alright. He's an Aussie actually doing something for Australian Basketball, by showing the younguns that ya can make it and be number 1 pick. Not that, that means much nowadays.
  10. Yeah!! i agree with patske, give the guy a chance to show his stuff then bag him!! haha..

    no charles barkely retired ages ago..i think in 99 or 98, when Jordan retired for the first time haha....
  11. Yeah, I stopped following/playing BBall when Jordan retired. I was a huge Jordan fan, had 8 pairs of AirJordans from version 3 to 6 :shock:
  12. Pity that other Australians who are showing the Americans "how to do it" don't get as much coverage. Mat Mladin is one example that comes to mind.

    But then motorcycle racing, particularly at the international level isn't seen to be as newsworthy, despite it attracting larger worldwide audiences than basketball, which is essentially an exported American game. And not a very interesting one, at that...
  13. Yeah i agree - Mat is killing them over there, it is a pity that championship series hasn't got more exposure. I have always wondered when we'd see something like the soccer equivalent of the 'Champions League' were the best riders from all series duke it out for a title of unified World Champ? that would be good viewing, its a pity the race politics always gets in the way.