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naXsaX no feet lift, no boot removal, zip up wet weather pants...

Discussion in 'Pants' started by robsalvv, May 20, 2015.

  1. I scored myself a pair of these very versatile wet weather pants from naXsaX. Had them for about a year now.


    These are wet weather pants that you can put on in under a minute without lifting your feet off the deck and without taking your boots off.

    It is a little cumbersome the first few times, so practice a half dozen times in the garage and you'll see that the speed of fitting them on goes up markedly. There's even a youtube clip to help you.

    Given its design, the pants do have a bit of bulk so they aren't suited to a sports bike tail bag, but anyone with a decent venture bag, top box or decent panniers and who values being able to go from exposed draggins to weather protected draggins in minimal time, will love this product.

    I don't know why the designers have done this, BUT, the top part doubles as a kidney belt so gives long distance touring support... well, maybe that's why they did it. It seems like an extraneous feature to be honest.

    I can confirm that they are pretty water tight but I have not worn them in a serious heavy down pour. I can also confirm that when they are properly fitted, the wind chill is all but removed.

    Since we are heading into the midst of winter, I thought I'd share. Naturally YMMV, but I'm a fan.
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  2. They are very clever and well thought out. The price is excellent as well.

    It sort of reminded my off James Bond when he got off of a jet ski I think it was and he pulled of his coveralls and he had his Dinner Suit and bow tie on underneath :)
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  3. Ninja pants! I want some :)
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  4. my wife just asked if they come in the sexy fireman colour, she likes the easy removal.:rolleyes:
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  5. I know what you mean newbieacrossnewbieacross, first thing I thought when I saw it was "male stripper pants".

    Might get some for the anniversary.
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  6. hahaha you lot! lol
  7. Serious question: just how tight do they roll up? I like to keep emergency wet pants in a large-ish pocket in the back of my winter jacket - would these fit, or should I stick with the more straightforward basic types?
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  8. #8 robsalvv, May 21, 2015
    Last edited: May 21, 2015
    It wont fit. Sadly the draw back with these quality pants is that due to the Velcro stretchy bit at the top, they take up some room when folded for storage.
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  9. Hammer Time
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  10. Can you post a pic of how big (or small) they pack up to??
    Mayne the wide hook n loop section is redundant ... but would keep dribbles and cold air out maybe ...

    For those with ordinary pant style wets using a plastic bag over your boot makes pulling them on easier :)
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  11. Why not wear the main part of the pants folded up under the 'kidney belt'? Think this was a suggestion in a video clip I saw a while ago .... all ready for that downpour....
  12. My father in law has a set of these. Clever design!
  13. My partner , Heather, bought both of us a pair of these, and they arrived last Friday, but we haven't had a chance to try them out in the rain yet.
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