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Naughty dog!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by V8cressida, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Howdy.

    Just came back from de- chicken stripping the new Shinko 003's. Took a run down to Eaglehawk Neck. On the way back near the Dunalley Bridge I noticed some workmen working near the left hand side of the road...doing fencing or sum such... I saw a Border Collie walking along the footpath......it decided that the footpath wasn't the place for him and walked out in front of me......

    Lucky I was watching the dog and expected it, mind you I had to drop from about 50km to almost stop in lickety split time. Luckily my rider training became automatic and just Sqeeeeeeezed harder and harder as I was applying the brakes.. I expected the rear to lock but I must have arsed it. The rear brake is much more savage on the Gixxer than the Honda..... All I could hear was the owner of the dog (a workman) screaming at the dog to "Get hear you mungrel".... Not sure about you but I know who the mungrel is in this story.

    At least I know the Shinko's will stop :!:

  2. so you get the doggies if not the roo :p
  3. Go the Doggies!!!
  4. my dog just ate it's bloody reindeer antlers ](*,)
  5. shinko's? are these some new model of pirelli I havn't heard of?I never thought someone would actually choose a shinko as a tyre.
  6. Shinko is the company that took over the Yokahama Tyre Company's assets and factory when Yokahama stopped producing bike tyres. Their technology is pretty old compared to more modern tyres but they are cheap and reliable.
  7. Eaglehawk Neck.

    Love that name. Who comes up with these names...... :D