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Natural selection at its best?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Beza, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/h...o-road-crash-death-victim-20101111-17nzo.html

    Some people will just never learn I guess.

  2. No comment . . .
  3. I cant open that at work.....what does it say?
  4. I think burnouts are completely pointless but its less strange than firing rifles for commemorating someone.
  5. People express things differently I guess.

    Neighbours complain too easily nowdays and the police all too willing to book, impound and penalise people where an official word would have sufficed.

    I would have guessed that some in that group would have been pressured to take part.
  6. Would this be a bad time to say I'm from Warrnambool?
  7. I've always been under the impression they're supposed to be fired into the grave, to make sure the bastard's dead :twisted:.
  8. Bogan funeral.
  9. 21 tyre salute?
  10. Stupid thread.

    So did the motorcyclist die because he did a burnout into a pole? Or are you just implying that he was "hooning" and natural selection took care of things, without any facts?

    Apart from a bunch of assumptions, what is the link to "people never learn"? Will you post a similar thread when someone kills themselves through negligent discharge and rifles are fired at his ceremony? Or would that be... well, stupid?

    And wtf is a "Braaaarp"? Is your bike running on one cyclinder? Sounds like the sound of hard acceleration to me. Undue acceleration is probably a hoon offence, watch out.
  11. @ Deadsy Nah he died because he went head first into a pole without a helmet after losing control of his bike.

    You would think that if one of your mates was killed in an accident you'd think twice about being a dick in vehicle.

    If you can't see the stupidity in any of there actions then I'm not even going to try to convince you other wise.

    You are after all entitled to your own opinion :)
  12. and every arsehole has one.
  13. How is people doing a few burnouts natural selection?
  14. Good question. I would perhaps say maybe a bit disrespectful in a grave yard. Maybe this reflects on the personality of the people doing it?

    When I was 17, a mate of mine hopped into a stolen car drunk. No one really knows what happened after that, but the police suspect they were drag racing someone down a 2 lane road. The end result was a dead mate, and another mate who has never really recovered. But the worst part about it was there was 5 innocent people killed in the other car. From that day on my whole thought process changed. Its a shame it took a mate to die for me to realise how stupid I was as a kid. Its a shame 5 innocent people were maimed. I did some dumb shit.

    People are quick to judge, but a lot of us quickly forget what we did as kids. These guys think its a tribute to a mate, and good on them. Perhaps they have learned the hard way like I did.
  15. I honestly believe that not any of the "residents" of the graveyard actually minded the burnouts, so not much disrespect to them as such. Mind you, no one there actually would also have enjoyed it at all either :angel:
  16. pathetic and completely disrespectful towards others their mourning the loss of friends/family. Whats worse is, if there had been another ceremony happening, I highly doubt these <insert foul word here> would have thought twice.

    Crush their cars I say, nothing like a nice hard lesson!!
  17. You're kidding, right?

    Natural selection is hardly going to kill off someone doing a burnout in a car. Not unless they're incredibly bad at it, anyway...
    In a cemetery? I'm sure the managers would be pissed at having to scrub the rubber, thats about it.

    A funeral is for the people who are left to vent their emotions.
  18. Just look at the stats, how many people are killed every year doing almost stationery burnouts? Oh wait. Their tyres, if their mate loved to see them lit up, what's the harm?

    It seems if you don't aspire to prius ownership and actually find internal combustion and interesting and engaging concept you're aligned wth the devil these days.
  19. I almost bit.
  20. It's a complex subject. We put the wife's mother in the ground last week. If there'd been another group over the other side doing burnouts around the grave of their dumb mate, there would have been a lot of p1ssed off people in my group. Everyone has their own way of seeing off the departed I guess, but that doesn't give you the right to walk roughshod over the sensibilities of everyone else. For me personally, I thought the bikie funeral at the beginning of Stone, with the coffin on the road racing sidecar, was about the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I'd be bl00dy proud to have my mates all do a big burnout for me, but I'd rather they went some place away from the cemetery and the non motorcycle people and did it.

    Funerals and cemeteries and grave sites are not about the dead. The fact that the dry corpse is in there is almost incidental. These things are about ritual and ceremony and grief and dealing with loss. They exist for the living. They're about helping people deal with loss.