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Natural instincts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smileedude, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. So I'm riding this morning and lights turn red. I pull up behind a truck in the right lane. I look to my left and see poll position in left lane is free with a couple cars in the middle. There were cars coming so I just resigned to my fate of a slow start. I was kicking myself, this was so out of character for me. I will always seek poll no matter how I can.

    I take off to a slow start thinking how far I could be ahead right now and how much fun I could have had with a little blat.

    Then 200 m down the road there were two cops with a radar. I would have certainly got done if it wasn't for this uncharacteristic decision of beigeness.

    Natural instincts to the rescue! I feel a little psycic. Have you had a oh wow natural instinct before? Share your stories.

    (mods this isn't really about enforcement so I thought general was a better place. Feel free to move if I'm wrong.)
  2. NEVER underestimate the power of instinct, it's saved me on many occasioins throught my life. Some people seem to have a lot more of it than others, you might be one of the have's smilee. :)
  3. Humans have learned to ignore and override our instincts. They are there for a reason.

    The trick is to relearn how to tell the difference between instinct and learned over-reaction/fear. You know, the kind that ACA instills in our parents to be scared of everyone who isn't 100% the same as they are.
  4. Sounds more like luck than instinct
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  5. Instincts don't give you ESP.

    Instincts are more like a learned response kept deep in the subconscious, that kicks in when it recognises a similar situation.
  6. in my early days of driving, on my green p's... needless to day i was unbreakable, and went a little faster than posted everywhere...

    i was driving home one day, decided just to cruise, no idea why... about 5 mins down the road i notice a cop car behind me, he must have turned in at some stage an i didnt notice. needles to say, he eventually pulled me over for a 'supose i should do something instead of just driving around moment' and all was good

    i didnt have a p plate on the back, so it wasnt normal targeting (i promptly put a plate on the back from the stash i always carried with me. and got a simple warning for it

    dont know if it was instincts or what, but it saved my ass that day.
  7. ...........

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  8. Here's another one.
  9. Nah I'm calling it natural instinct, I had no idea why I did it but it saved my bacon. Luck would be something out of my control.
  10. So you are saying you have supernatural powers? And are able to see the future?
  11. Luck is an art form which requires a number of skills, one of which is instinct.
  12. Well not see the future. Then I would have known there was a cop ahead.

    More like a salmon who starts going "hey this swimming with the flow business ain't all its cracked up to be, I'm gonna swim up stream", with no idea of the glorious mass orgy that awaits at the top.

    Alright it was probably a fluke, but my dishwasher decided to start leaking this morning ruining my day so its nice to think that the universe was apologising for screwing with my plumbing.
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  13. Don't you just hate it when women cry for no reason :cheeky: 8-[
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  14. I reckon it's acute observation, below the level of conscious awareness. Something in the behaviour of the cars coming toward you (who have just driven past the trap). Glimpse or reflection of a flashed headlight. Even the faintest hint of colour that wasn't there yesterday.
    (Or alternatively, could be a manifestation of multiplanar string theory.)
  15. Wouldn't the better analogy be the salmon that chooses to fight natural instinct to swim upstream. After all, even the ones that survive the waiting bears still die soon after "depositing their contribution" along with a bunch of other guys - with the female already long gone.

    Certainly not my idea of a mass orgy, but to each their own I guess :p :LOL:.
  16. Lol, I nearly put that joke in, but the only female leaking I could think of would have probably got me hated by every woman on here. I'm glad you said cry.
  17. Spidey senses tingling Smilee?

    Sometimes happens to me, but I don't always know if I've avoided capture. I'll just get a "feeling" and slow down a bit.

    Sometimes I think it's pure luck that the HWP has already pulled over some poor schmuck to book before he got to see me.
  18. Don't knock beating off together with thousands of others in a small room unless you've tried it.
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  19. Thanks. Was about time I updated my sig.
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