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NationalCycle Streetshield Screen

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by BlackVeeTwo, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. hi all,

    Just bought and fitted an NC Streetshield for my M50 Boulevard today. Looks pretty good quality, suits the bike and was a doddle to fit.
    I went to several bike shops this morning to see what was around as far as aftermarket stuff is concerned, and none of them had anything in stock. I would have had to order, money-down, without even seeing what the product looked like.
    Stopped in at Maximoto on the corner of Anzac Hwy and Main South Rd (Adelaide) and found them to be very helpful. Not only did they carry these Universal fittings in stock, they were great with some advice re: fitting the thing. good range of other gear and good prices too.
    Recommended! Now if only the weather would clear up so I could go for a ride! :(

  2. :worthlesspics: :LOL:
    there ya go :wink:

    I've got a smaller version on the Hornet, a Godsend on any sort of trip.

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  3. I'm hoping so! I'm pretty tall, so went for the taller screen.

    While the Genuine Accessories screen does look quite nice, I can't come at paying 3x the price! If I sell the M50, I'll just remove the screen in all of 5mins, along with any other "non-genuine" bits such as bags and mounting brackets - but put them all in a box as a deal-sweetener. Or....just keep the stuff for my next bike, which will probably be something similar anyway.

    Glad they seem to work for you. Hope I find it just as good.

  4. Well let me re-assure you. A couple of years ago, just before I was due to ride to Melbourne, I broke my screen. Cash was a bit tight, so I rode to Melbourne without a screen.

    I was so fatigued by the trip, having done it three times before WITH a screen, that it took me a day or so for the pain in my shoulders to go away.

    Before I rode home, I went and bought another screen (same type) for the trip home.

    I don't need to tell you the difference it made :).
  5. Well, there seemed to be a bit of a break in the weather this morning, so I chanced it and took off down the hills to Strathalbyn. Managed to skip around the worst of the weather and only had to put up with a few patches of drizzle. The screen is magic! Coupled with the new sheepie I had made up for the seat, I could have ridden all day! I've set it at a height where I just get a bit of wind around the helmet and shoulders, but it takes a heap of strain off the rest of the torso, which means more relaxed and attentive riding!

    Very happy with it! :)