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National XX Blackbird meet up

Discussion in 'Other States' started by deadman, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. If you ride a Blackbird 1100XX this ones for you.

    We have a confirmed booking for all 1100 XX Super Blackbird riders to meet at Tintaldra, Clearwater caravan park, On the Murray River,

    Very friendly Bike park, Very clean, 4m's and Annual Tintaldra ride have been going there for about 6 years,

    On the weekend of Melbourne Cup weekend, 3rd and 4th of November,

    $55-00 per per head per night, All inclusive, petrol and booze excluded,

    It includes Dinner and Breaky both days, and plenty of it,

    Due to politics, we are renting the eating facilitys and supplying our own food,
    If you are asked,

    The Pub next door is not reliable for Booze, so get your grog Etc, before you get there,

    Its shared Accomodation,

    Cabins have 3 singles and a double bed in a separate room, Toilet and shower ensuite,

    Half cabins with a canvass roof, have 4 single beds, and heaters and share a communal shower block,

    All bedding and linen, Towels Etc Supplied.

    There is provision for camping on level lawns, But I dont know the cost of those,

    Tintaldra is at the start of the Snowys and have some of the best riding roads in Australia,

    Booking for 20, but can be extended to 34.

    No snow at that time of year,

    At the moment this is for Blackbird riders, but will extend out to all riders as well as time prevails, Depending on how many Bird riders we get,

    Trying for a record Blackbird gathering,

    So far we have QLD, SA, Tassie, NSW. Canberra and Vic riders attending.


    Send me an Email if you are attending, I need to know the numbers,


    Its open to all now, Its a level 3 ride Minimum, due to distance and technical type of roads, Mostly mountain twisties,

    Here's the details for for payment if your coming, and put your name on the list,

    BSB 083 739

    A/C 143 223 930

    Deadman or Tintaldra.
  2. Now have 12 Blackbirds from 6 states lined up for a great weekend,

    Yes, know its the same weekend as the Snowy run and a few others as well,

  3. This is so frustrating. I've not been anywhere this year on the bike. Such a trip would be great but it conflicts with work, unfortunately.
  4. Looking forward to the opening call for other bikes.. :p The snowies ride looks a bit big for me this year... but depending on how everyone from melbourne is planning on getting up there id be interested in a nice two night stay up in the bush somewhere.. 2 nights makes it a bit safer to have a bit of a drink on the first night up there.
  5. Would anyone showing up on a Hayabusa get pecked to pieces?
  6. Highly unlikely, Other than inter bike rivalry,

    Heather will be riding a Kwaka, Just not a 1400, Hahahahaha

    We are all a very friendly bunch, and you do have two wheels, Thats the point that matters,

    It wont be long for other bikes to join in,

  7. Sounds like they already have
  8. Remember, Suzuki called its 1300cc superbike a "Hayabusa" because it's the natural enemy, and preyer (new word?) of, the black bird.

    Of course, the BBs will have protection in numbers...
  9. We now have 15 Blackbirds from 6 states coming, Put your name up if you want to be in it,

    It will be the biggest group gathering of Super Blackbirds so far in OZ,

    Most of the Snowy ride will be down the other end of the Snowys, And there are plenty of good bike roads to ride on if you havent been there,

  10. Bummer! That's the Mrs' birthday weekend, otherwise I would've considered being a "ring-in" on the Viffer... :(
  11. Give her a Birthday present of a 3 day ride or doesnt she like riding on the bike,
  12. She'd be scared sh!tless before I even get to push the starter button... :(
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  13. I have one like that, loves the Bird, literally Hates my Boat, wont even go near it now,

    Did some one scare the crap out of her on a bike at some stage,
    I hate them Bastards, They stop people from riding,
  14. There will be two of you, One Busa is coming from Adelaide, with a Bird in tow,

    Bird in tow, Yes, the Busa is faster than the Bird.
  15. Its now open to all, Full details on the first post. and bank numbers,

    I will put all your names up and as paid when you have paid,

    $55-00 per head per night, Dinner and full Breaky, all inc,
    Bring your own booze, as the Pub in Tintaldra is a bit iffy with grog,

    The best bike roads in Victoria, Minimum level 3 due to roads and distances travelled,

    14 Blackbirds from 6 states, Plus all the others, will be an excellent ride,

  16. I'll be joining you Brian. Gimme some time to get my affairs in order and i'll come up with the cash! This should be epic.

    For anyone else thinking of this i suggest joining up. Brian (Deadman) has amazing back roads up his sleeve that you are gonna love. And most importantly he takes good care of the riders with him. It will be a very memorable ride with some extraordinary roads.
  17. sounds like a great weekend , might show up with the old girl ( CBR1000F )
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  18. Ok so finally got myself a bike ( a CBR100RR) and got the annual leave approved!! I'm 100% comitted now!!
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  19. Its getting close now peeps, All welcome,

    All details in the first post.

    Its open to all level 3 riders and above, Due to distances travelled and technicality of roads,

    All at posted speed limits,

    5 Mountain Twistie roads just getting there,

    banking details for your money is now in the first post,

    Put your name in and your payment if your coming.

    Tintaldra, is half way between Corryong and Wodonga, ON the Murray River, Victoria,

    Meet point will be on Saturday 3rd November, at 8-30 AM at the York on Lilydale car park,

    For 9-00 AM start,

    Ride is entirely at your own risk, Etc, ETc, ETc,

    Hope to see you there,

  20. Ok just sent you the monies for the ride to that account!! No turning back now :)

    Its gonna be awesome!!!

    Brian's back roads... here i come!!!