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[National] Summer Blood Challenge, Dec 1st to Feb 28th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by vic, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Yes folks,

    It is that time of year again.

    The Summer Blood Challenge gets underway in 5 weeks.

    I have uploaded a copy of the who/how/what/where/when PDF for those that don't know what i'm on about.

  2. Count me in Vic. If I head to my local, how do I get my donation attributed to Netrider?

  3. If there is a group blood letting at one of the Melbourne stations count me in. I'm a regular bleeder and after getting over the initial trepidation of the effect I found it a great way to give back to the community, little as it is.

    And just in case anyone has forgotten, lets not let the bloody coppers win another year! ;)
  4. Did you view the PDF?

    All your Questions answered :)
  5. I skimmed it :) Had another look and found it.

  6. I'm an expert skimmer, I did the same ;)
  7. I usually hold my own at skimming, but my skimming skills obviously let me down this time. Bad skimming skills, bad.

    Just read the statistics for netrider. Paul, you're a machine :)

  8. It looks as if the Blood Bank will have a mobile unit available at the Toy Run this year for donations. It will only be for pillions however as they are not prepared to accept them from riders due to the risk that some might ride off and faint and have accidents :roll:

    Now I can't quite work out the difference between riding (or driving) to the Blood Bank to give blood and giving at a mobile unit, however it is an advance that (if) there will be a unit there at all.

    So if you are heading to the Toy Run with a pillion, it should be easy enough to get blood out of them. Just tell them if they don't donate they'll be walking home... :LOL: :LOL:

  9. Annual Blood Challenge

    Hi Gang,

    I donated plasma today (my 86th) at South Melbourne and they have a form to nominate which organisation you'd like to represent and guess what?!?! There's a box with Netrider next to it. So I ticked it. Come on, lets get Netrider to the top of the list. Giving blood is easy, doesn't hurt :D and doesn't take long. PLUS they give you free food and drink! :D :D

  10. I donated blood today too.. my first time. But I'm in Canberra... didn't see anything about representing any organisations...
  11. RedCross only run it in Vic and Tas. Hopefulyl they'll extend it to other states soon :)
  12. Sorry Mouth, I just go straight to the forums where all the good juicy stuff is :wink:
  13. deyago wrote

    We tried that once Jake , only 4 people turned up .
  14. BTW, you didn't muck around changing the forum details either of my post. Don't you guys sleep or have a home to go to? :shock:
  15. Have donated once myself already, attributed it to the MRA who initiated the whole summer challenge thing in 1979.

    Re the cops winning it, the cops haven't won it in a while, firefighters last year, scouts every other year. Motorcyclists will never win it again I don't reckon as we no longer combine.

    We now have the MRA, Netrider, various Hogs and Ulysses and unlike firefighters we don't seem to all combine as motorcylists so put your money on the fireys again is my recommendation.
  16. Have a read of the "de-breif" email from last year Mick, whilst there are several motorcycle groups all donating they are still counted as one when it comes to awarding the winner.

    I recall them saying;

    1st Fireies,
    2nd whoaever
    ??? Motorcyclists

    Oh and its great to see that there is a new organiser for this years blood challenge :p
  17. I can't give blood this year since i am on their banned list (ie, pregnant) so Mouth will have to give blood in my place :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I'm a POM so they won't take my blood :(
  19. We had a letter/email from last years organiser to say he can no longer work with the board of the MRA so we had to sack him, then he complains about it...

    We have yet to purchase brown leathers for the current organiser, perhaps next year :D