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National Road Safety Action plan 2009-10

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Mar 24, 2009.

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  2. well that was a real disappoint, when i first saw the heading safer speeds i held hope they had seen the light, and that speed doesn't kill, it's in attention at speed, to which watching a speedo is a large contributor. In the Fatigue and Driver distraction section it say now where about the now requirement to watch the speedo more then ever as little to no tolerance is show. In fact in the safe speeding section they not they are trying to reduce the tolerances more.

    IMO it's a wasted policy which they aren't worried about increasing drivers abilities to deal driving related issues, it's about slowing everyone down so that when you do crash you are crashing at such a speed that with all the modern safety features it's like being wrapped in cotton wool and unable to hurt yourself, oh plus reducing tolerances which of course they will do by fining drivers :roll:
  3. Evidently the person that wrote that has never actually used a public road.

    What planet are they on? :evil:
  4. So their strageies are "Do everything we're doing now... but like, more of it, and better and stuff"?

    What a load of drivel.

    I'm not reading all of that. I'm angry enough as it is.
  5. Basically the same old rant:

    * Further reductions in speed limits; one municipality in Tasmania was singled out for praise for its blanket reduction to a 90 km/h limit. (Yeah, let's try that in WA! :furious:

    * More enforcement: point-to-point cameras; "adaptive" speed technologies; more radars etc.

    * Automatic number plate recognition systems! That'd be ALL vehicles -- here we go with front numberplates again!

    * "Encourage" (read: "force") the motorcycle industry to "increase the availability" (means "all") of motorcycles with ABS, linked braking systems and traction control.

    * "Examine" (read: "will come in later) minimum standards and a national rating system for protective clothing for motorcyclists. (To be followed, of course, by compulsion to wear said "minimum standard clothing")

    * Big push for roadside "barriers"; be interesting to see what type they mean, it doesn't actually say.

    Surprisingly, there is a section about making roads "safer for motorcyclists"; although the underlying subtext is that this is best done by reducing speed limits.