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[National] Police sightings & locations

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by taymaishu, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Myself and the wise man @109er had our licences saved last weekend by a kind fellow motorcyclist heading the other way.

    The constabulary were un-marked grey Commonwhore, parked northbound about 500m from the Indian restaurant (so a fair way up towards Mona Rd).

    The surface is beautiful.

  2. Yeah, on Sat night I slowed down to pass some cyclists and saw a grey commodore behind me, then I stayed at a cruisy speed because I was close enough to the top -- I wasn't having a proper go before that, but might have been enough to get a ticket.
  3. The same for me a few years back,seems it a good hiddy hole.Some nice randum car driver pull up while I was playing with the cetre stand and told me about Mr Plod.Bit of a deadly spot.
  4. Reckon we owe him a beer.
    I've driven that road twice a day for a decade and that's only the fourth time I've seen plod there.

    That is bound to change now the fresh surface is finished.