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NSW National Park riders under attack

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, May 10, 2010.

  1. It's when i read information like this, Im glad that i've temporary sold my bike. As much as i love having a twist on a nice "public" road, I think its safer (primarly money and hassel wise) to leave it for the track.


    Police are frustrated over the large number of motorists caught travelling at high speeds across the state this weekend.

    On Saturday (8 May), police from Sutherland Highway Patrol conducted a major operation in the Royal National Park at Sutherland and detected 10 motorists travelling more than 45km/h over the 60km/h speed limit.

    All received a $1744 infringement notice and incurred six demerit points. For this serious offence police also have the power to instantly suspend the driver’s licence for six months. All of these drivers had their licences suspended.

    Two other motorists were caught travelling between 30km/h and 45km/h over the sign-posted limit. They also had their licences suspended.

    Over the past few days police also detected a number of other motorists travelling well in excess of the speed limit:

    • At 2.22pm on Friday (7 May), a 31-year-old man was detected travelling at 235km/h in a 110km/h zone on the Hume Highway at Holbrook. He was issued a field court attendance notice for drive at a speed dangerous and exceed speed over 45km/h. His licence was also suspended on the spot.
    • At 5.16am on Saturday (8 May), a 20-year-old ACT provisional driver was detected travelling at 158km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Barton Highway at Jeir. He was issued a ticket for exceed speed over 45km/h and his licence was suspended.
    • At 7.10pm on Saturday (8 May), an 18-year-old P1 driver was detected travelling at 121km/h in a 50km/h zone on Edgar Street at Auburn. Police issued the man a field court attendance notice for drive at a speed dangerous and suspended his licence on the spot.
    • At 7.02am on Sunday (9 May), a 28-year-old man was caught driving at 170km/h in a 100km/h zone on the M7 at Oakhurst. He was also issued a ticket for exceeding the speed limit over 45km/h and had his licence suspended.

    Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, Commander of Traffic Services, said some motorists still are not getting the message.

    “People have to realise that just because you are in a rural area, on a straight stretch of road, it is not safe to speed. Motorists continue to die needlessly after travelling at excessive speeds.

    “I can assure you that if you insist on this stupid behaviour you will find yourself on the receiving end of a $1744 ticket, if you don’t kill yourself first,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.
  2. they are just looking after the public, nothing about revenue raising, they dont need the cash, good work coppers :D
  3. in other words goz, lucky you not me :p:p

    nar jks
  4. This just means the speed limit is not appropriate & being ignored.

    The rest of the drivers were a bit silly though.
  5. Exactly... should be a open slather, and if you fuk up.. you fuk up!

    Stop playing God cop'pers!
  6. I got done on saturday. Looks like 3-6 months susp :roses:

  7. ahh good on ya lol
  8. Really??? I don't think traffic services are getting the message. YOU WILL NEVER STOP IT....

    ....quite possibly because they're idiots.
  9. drop the speed limit by 20k's and then wonder why people speed. what's wrong with this picture? who's not getting the message here?
  10. yeh it was pretty fail. I'll tell u the specifics next time I see u.
  11. hehehe see ya in the morning :)
  12. cool :) Once i'm susp'd I'm going to need a pushy to get to our hangout.

  13. hahaha get 1 with a motor, or go pillion with your mrs lol
  14. I have to laugh, no, really. Just because you have a license and a vehicle, it's your god-given right to determine what's the speed limit for a piece of road?

    you are not getting the message

    and if you want the speed limits changed, you need to be on the inside looking out, not on the outside bleating
  15. man a lot of innocent fluffy kittens exploded that weekend
  16. Despite lots of data that shows that KSI accident rates increase in rural areas when low speed limits are enforced.....just look at the rural accident data for the Northern Territory that has seen a huge rise in KSI incidents since introducing rural area speed limits.

    The currently fashionable doctrine of attempting to improve road safety by enforcing compliance with an arbitrary set of rules in preference to developing roadcraft and individual responsibility is doing nothing other than eroding public support for wider enforcement of the law.
  17. the 60 zones in the rnp are ridiculous, every time i go in there i see a copper these days
  18. I was booked a few weeks ago in the RNP, was pilioning and very much just cruising along. However there was a slow car in front, after waiting 10 minutes for a safe overtaking opportunity I took it, and got nabbed for speeding for 2-3 seconds, before moving back in front of the vehicle and slowing back to the limit.

    Thing is, the limits have recently been reduced by 20kmh in some sections since the resurfacing. Better road conditions but lower speed limit. Meaning people can comfortably go faster.. of course lots of people are going to get booked. The limit needs to be reasonable for it to be respected.

    I was also booked recently for travelling 110 in a zone that used to be 100 but was reduced to 80, before the road was completely resurfaced and redeveloped in general.

    The solution is police to get over their obsession that speed = accidents. Australian and other studies have suggested crashes caused by speed represent less than 15% of accidents. We need realistic speed limits.
  19. i'm sick of reading poorly worded police press statements put out as news.

    if we wanted to turn netrider into the nsw police site we would. pls dont quote the whole thing just link, i read enough in the sydney morning herald, news.com
  20. They don't want it to be respected, nor do they care, they just want it obeyed. If you can't ride the park at the limit, ride somewhere else, surely that's simple. And, spare us the "there'll be nowhere to ride soon" mantra; there's always racetracks.